How to Spot & Fix a Broken Window Seal

How to Spot & Fix a Broken Window Seal

We’ve all felt it… During a morning sip of coffee, an attempt at an afternoon nap, or curling up on the couch before bed… That all-too-familiar chill of an unwanted draft!

Your home is your sanctuary, where every detail contributes to its cozy, secure ambiance. So while a cracked window seal may be seen as subtle, it’s nonetheless an impactful breach in your sanctuary, allowing the outside world to creep in and infiltrate your coziness.

The reliability of your home's windows, often overlooked, is crucial to maintaining comfort and efficiency. Understanding how to spot and rectify a broken window seal not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of your home but also ensures your home remains a haven of tranquility.

Ready to finally do away with that chilly draft? Here are four ways you can spot and fix a broken window seal from your trusty window installation team at Budget Exteriors!

1. Foggy Windows

Peer through the glass on a dewy morning and notice an unexpected haze lingering between the panes. Foggy windows often indicate a broken seal, where moisture has snuck in, clouding your view. To address this, it's essential to assess whether the seal has weakened, permitting moisture to invade.

How to Fix

Unfortunately, fixing foggy windows isn't as simple as wiping them down. Replacing the insulated glass unit is typically the remedy. Contact a professional to accurately measure and replace the damaged window.

2. Condensation Buildup

Sometimes, windows serve as canvases for watercolor-like condensation patterns, especially in humid climates. However, when that condensation persists between the panes, it's a telltale sign of seal failure. Watch for water droplets forming intricate pathways on the glass, signaling a compromised seal.

How to Fix

Like foggy windows, addressing condensation within the panes involves replacing the affected insulated glass unit. Timely window replacement prevents further damage to your window and maintains your home's energy efficiency.

3. Drafts & Temperature Fluctuations

As the seasons change, so does the temperature within your home. A broken window seal disrupts the insulating barrier, allowing outside temperatures to influence your indoor climate. Feel for drafts near the windows or notice temperature inconsistencies around the affected area.

How to Fix

Sealing the gaps and installing weather stripping can offer temporary relief. However, the most effective solution involves replacing the insulated glass to restore the seal's integrity.

4. Visible Damage

Sometimes, the damage is evident—a cracked or peeling window frame, deteriorating caulking, or visible gaps. These visual cues hint at a compromised seal, demanding immediate attention to prevent further deterioration.

How to Fix

Addressing visible damage promptly involves repairing or replacing the window frame and resealing the area to fortify the seal.

Replace Your Damaged Windows With Budget Exteriors!

It’s important never to underestimate the significance of repairing a damaged window, especially if you’re approaching colder times of the year. At Budget Exteriors, your windows are our priority, and we’re here to help you replace damaged windows with industry-leading products and brand names you can trust.

Stop putting up with that pesky chill in the air! Contact Budget Exteriors today to speak directly with our window installation specialists.

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