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While attics are great for storage and extra space in the house, they can become a huge source of air leakage in your home. When too much air leaks through your attic, it can lead to higher energy bills. Budget Exteriors offers attic insulation services to change that. As proud installers of Owens Corning ProCat™ insulation, our team will install insulation that will generate a tight barrier that blocks the entrance of allergens and other bothersome particles. If you’re tired of losing money to high energy bills and feeling the effects of pollen and dust getting into your home, contact Budget Exteriors for expert installation of a leading fiberglass insulation.

Why Owens Corning ProCat™ Insulation is The Best for Your Attic

When it comes to attics, Budget Exteriors believes in a fiberglass only method. Our firm commitment to using the best products for home improvement stays true all the way up to the attic. We are proud suppliers of Owens Corning ProCat™ fiberglass insulation.  Budget Exteriors can get your attic insulated quickly and efficiently.

ProCat™ uses an advanced formula that can make your home quieter and more energy-efficient. The superior performance of the insulation prevents wind wash and energy loss that occurs at the eaves of the house. This prevention can not only create a more energy-efficient environment, but it can also reduce the chance of roof damage occurring.

Owens Corning ProCat™ is a leader among insulation options for your attic. At Budget Exteriors, we pride ourselves in our use of high-quality brands. We are confident that ProCat™ insulation is the leading option on the market for maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient attic in your home all year long. If you’re ready to stop losing money to high energy bills and start protecting your home from roof damage and allergen-polluted air, contact Budget Exteriors today.

Advantages to Insulating Your Attic

The attic of a house holds a lot of responsibility when it comes to keeping your home safe and comfortable. The attic isn’t just optimal for storing holiday decorations and other personal belongings; it also provides a protective space that keeps the rest of your home safe from cold air, heat, and humidity. Because the attic plays such an important role in a home, it’s important to ensure that it’s optimally insulated. There are several advantages that come from insulating your attic, such as:

Decreasing Energy Bills

Attics are a large source of airflow in a home. Cool air that you want in the summer, as well as warm air that you need in the winter, exits through the attic. Proper insulation of the attic can prevent this from happening, which can help keep your HVAC system from working too hard. This can result in a drop in energy bills.

Protect The Foundation of The House

Between water vapor that can wear down your walls to ice dams that can form near the eaves of your home, the attic can be a source of threatening elements that can damage the foundation of your home. Proper insulation and ventilation of your attic prevents this damage from occurring.

Improvement in Indoor Air Quality

Not only can air leaks cause your energy bills to increase, they can also allow the entrance of air particles such as dust, dirt, pollen, and other bothersome allergens. Quality attic insulation can prevent these particles from spreading around your home.

Increased Ventilation

A properly ventilated attic provides an escape route for any heat and moisture that does enter your attic. Ventilation is the key to cut down on ice dams and reduce attic moisture. In a balanced system, wind blowing over the exhaust vents creates negative pressure at the vents that draws warm air out of the attic. Replacement air then enters through under-eave or soffit vents and bathes the underside of the roof before exiting through the ridge or roof vents. Even without wind, the natural convection of rising warm air maintains a continuous flow along the underside of a roof.

Call Budget Exteriors For Your Attic Insulation Needs

If you want the best insulation for your attic installed by a team of experienced professionals, contact Budget Exteriors today. We believe in using the best products for your home and we are happy to assist you in making your home a safer and more comfortable environment. Call Budget Exteriors at 952-887-1613 to get started with a free estimate.

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