Why Summer Is a Great Time to Replace Your Windows

Why Summer Is a Great Time to Replace Your Windows

Summer is right around the corner, meaning longer days and beautiful, sunny weather. With warmer temperatures in the forecast, now is a great time to start thinking about summertime home improvement projects. After a long winter of spending time indoors, many homeowners are ready to take on some of those home maintenance tasks they’ve put off for far too long.

In this post from Budget Exteriors, we’re breaking down some of the reasons window replacement is one of the best warm-weather home improvement projects.

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Sunny Days

While replacing a window during cold weather is not out of the question, warm weather means you don’t have to worry about a cold breeze during installation. While spring has its share of rainy days, summer means you’ll likely have plenty of bluebird mornings perfect for window installation.

Try adding a garden window to your kitchen to grow your new herb garden!

A/C Savings

Summer weather can hit our electric bills pretty hard during the summer months when the mercury starts to climb. When your windows are inefficient, your A/C costs can skyrocket. By replacing your outdated windows at the beginning of summer with more efficient upgrades, you’ll have plenty of time to cash in on those energy savings all season long.

Not to mention, replacing with Softlite windows can help your ROI (return on investment) should you ever decide to sell!

Peace & Quiet

Summer mornings can mean waking up early to the neighbors mowing their lawns when your windows are poorly insulated. Today’s modern windows are quieter than ever, so you’ll enjoy the warm sunshine without hearing every sound from the street.

Green Views

Replacing your windows before sunny summer days will give you plenty of time to enjoy the vibrant summer landscape. And because new vinyl windows are easy to clean and maintain, it’s easier than ever to take in the view.

Baseball Resistance

With kids at play in the summertime, anything can happen. That baseball or frisbee can mean disaster when your windows are in bad shape with chips and inadequate seals.

Newer windows are more suited to withstand impacts from happy kids at play and summer storms.

How to Prepare Windows Before Winter

Summer is the perfect time to think about preparing your home for winter weather uncertainties. Your windows are probably responsible if your house is drafty.

If you don’t have quite the budget to replace them during the summer months, check out these inexpensive yet temporary remedies.

Seal Windows With Caulking

Sealing your windows is a cost-effective, easy way to temporarily stop any gaps or cracks. High performance sealant like caulking is a popular and cost-effective way to seal out winter drafts.

First, remove all of the loose caulking around the window frame with a putty knife. Then, either insert sealant strips along the interior wall frame or use a caulk gun to fill any gaps or cracks.

Be careful not to seal around the opening of a window in the case of an emergency.

Add Window Insulation Foam

Similar to the foam insulation you put in your walls and attic, window insulation foam is applied using a foam shooter gun by applying a small drop in the corner of your window sill to test how much it will expand. Then apply other small beads of foam to create an air seal around the frame.

Foam rubber weather sealing strips can also be an easier option instead of foam that you can stick around your window.

Consider Window Thermal Treatments

Thermal curtains, blinds or heavy drapes can do well to keep out those chilly drafts. Not only do these reduce radiant heat loss but also trap more air within the folds of fabric.

Overall, there might be better options than this, but they might add an updated look to your decor.

Purchase a Draft Stopper

This is simply a stuffed foam and fabric tube to place horizontally along the base of your windows or doors. This will prevent any drafts coming from underneath.

Get a Window Replacement Free Estimate

If you have already tried every type of inexpensive fix and are ready to take the next step, then new windows might be on the horizon. Replacing some of your windows might be more affordable than you think.

Obtain a free estimate so you can weigh your options!

3 Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

If you question whether you should replace your windows, here are common signs that your windows need replacing!

1. Condensation Between Window Panes

Your windows are designed and intended to retain a watertight seal. If you can see any signs of moisture drops between the window panes, the seal on your window is broken and probably needs replacing.

2. Fading Floor or Furnishings

Over time, the sun can damage your furnishings caused by the sun’s UV rays. Solar radiation causes an oxidative bleaching process that can bleach many types of surfaces inside a home including wood flooring, furniture, art, and the like.

It’s probably time to replace your outdated windows with energy-efficient windows like those made by Soft-Lite®.

3. Your Windows Are Difficult to Keep Clean

How hard can cleaning your windows be right? If you love your windows but hate cleaning them, it’s time for an upgrade. There are many modern windows that have many innovative features, including the fact they’re easier to clean.

3 Most Common Types of Replacement Windows

Updated windows are now a staple when it comes to making your home more energy efficient and appealing. Read our blog showcasing a few of the most common types of replacement windows.

We have listed a few here!

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are visually simple and make the surrounding area easy to style. Sliding windows are well-known for their easy operation, making them a popular choice for areas that are more difficult to access.

Double-hung windows

These classic windows slide along a vertical track to open and close and can be opened from the top or bottom, offering good ventilation and easy cleaning. Not to mention they are generally easy and affordable to install.

Casement Windows

A popular and classic choice for homeowners who love natural airflow and larger views of the landscape. Energy-efficient casement windows have a crank handle that is used to open them.

Casement windows are typically taller and more narrow than other types of windows.

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