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Double Hung Windows in Minnesota Home

If you’re looking for a classic and reliable window that is accessible and easy to maintain, then double-hung windows might be just what you’re looking for. Double-hung windows give you the option to open from the top or bottom. They are created with two vertically moving sashes that allow for natural airflow and leaves your home feeling refreshed and comfortable. The mobility of the sashes in this window also makes for easier cleaning as you can easily access both sides of the glass.

Advantages of Double-Hung Windows

As one of the most popular choices of windows, there are several benefits to having double-hung windows.


Double-hung windows fit in with a wide variety of looks and styles of homes. They have a classic look that can pair well with just about any surrounding environment you throw at them. Double-hung windows come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, which makes it easy to find a place for them to fit in.

Easy Maintenance

Double-hung windows are also easy to clean and maintain. Because of the two vertically moving sashes that allow both frames to open and close, homeowners are able to access both sides of glass with ease and precision. They tilt in to allow you to clean the exterior glass from the inside. 

Energy Efficient

Double-hung windows are an energy-efficient option. Budget Exteriors can install high-quality replacement double-hung windows that restrict air leaks from occurring, which can save you money on heating and cooling bills.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Double-Hung Windows Installation

Between life events, work schedules, and family commitments, taking on home projects can seem overwhelming and nearly impossible to complete. Put the burden of installing your new windows on Budget Exteriors. Our team of professional window installers will leave you confident that the project is in good hands. Leave it to us to get the job completed promptly and at a satisfactory level.

High-Quality Products

Not only will Budget Exteriors’s team of professional installers get the job done, we will also use highly rated products for the best results. At Budget Exteriors, we pride ourselves on our use of high-quality products, such as Soft-Lite® Windows. The materials used to produce Soft-Lite® Windows ensure quality and energy efficiency. Soft-Lite® Double-Hung Windows supplied and installed by Budget Exteriors will provide a beautiful and elegant look to your home while also establishing durability and overall craftsmanship.

Expert Installation Process

When Budget Exteriors is in charge of installing your windows, you can put any concerns you have about the process out of your mind. There’s nothing worse than getting close to the end of a project and then noticing a mistake that will cost you even more time and money to fix. We are experts in window installation and have all the right tools and the experience to ensure that mistakes are avoided and you are getting exactly what you need. We practice a careful process that ensures the protection of your home and your new windows.


Restricting air leaks and drafts are among the benefits that come with replacing old windows, but if the new windows are installed incorrectly, you could lose some of those benefits. At Budget Exteriors, we implement an installation process that ensures your new windows are installed efficiently and correctly. When you put the burden of window installation onto us, you gain the assurance of proper installment and a maximized investment.

Call Budget Exteriors for the Installation of Your Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are a popular and beneficial choice when it comes to window replacement and installation. Double-hung windows are easy to operate, easy to maintain, and offer an elegant and classic look for your home. At Budget Exteriors, we supply a top-notch installation process of high-quality replacement double-hung windows. Contact us for a free estimate and to get your new double-hung windows added onto your home today!

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