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Lower Your Utility Bills With Energy-Efficient Windows

  • Quality Windows A two-year winner of the Energy Star Partner of the Year, Soft-Lite windows installed by Budget Exteriors can enhance the design, durability, and overall craftmanship of your home.
  • A+ With the BBB Customer satisfaction is our top priority! We are results-driven, and the success of our method shows in our positive reviews and Better Business Bureau rating.
  • Energy Savings Save money with energy-efficient windows that last as long as possible when installed by our experienced technicians.
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Save money with energy-efficient windows provided by Soft-Lite®! As a leading window installation contractor in Minnesota, Budget Exteriors recognizes and installs high-quality windows that keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Being a six-year winner of the Energy Star Partner of the Year, Soft-Lite® Windows installed by Budget Exteriors can assure you will have the best design, durability, and overall craftsmanship on your home.

Door Installation Services in Bloomington

At Budget Exteriors, we also offer door installation services. With safety and security in mind, we’re proud to supply ProVia doors. Not only are the ProVia doors we install visually beautiful and appealing, they also save you money by restricting air leaks and cutting down on heating and cooling bills.

Advantages of New Window Installation

The decision to replace the windows on your home is a big one, and at first, the whole process can seem a little daunting. Put your worries aside and your trust in Budget Exteriors. Our team of professional window installers will help you get the job done so you can focus on all the benefits that come with replacing your windows. Between saving money on heating bills and enhancing your home’s overall appearance, replacing old windows with our supply of Soft-Lite® Windows will leave you satisfied with all the advantages.

Increase in Energy Efficiency

One of the most notable benefits from replacing your windows is the increase in energy efficiency. Older windows aren’t crafted with the same technology and materials that modern-day windows are. They often generate air leakage which results in losing heat in the winter and cool air during the summer. Replacing drafty, older windows with new ones will conceal air much more efficiently—and the proof will show on your lower heating and cooling bills.

Increase in Safety and Security

Older windows can get stuck and be difficult to open. In case of emergencies, such as fires and other forces of danger, this can pose a risk to those who are inside. Replacing old windows with new ones ensures that the windows are working efficiently and properly in case of any type of situation that may arise.

Put an End to Outside Weather Getting In

Keep rain and snow where it belongs—outside. Water leaks and cold winds can find their way into your home with older, inefficient windows. The instillation of updated windows will stop leaks and keep weather conditions outdoors.

Energy-Efficient Window Options

  • Double-Hung Windows A reliable and popular choice, Budget Exteriors offers installation services for double-hung windows. Double-hung windows are familiar and easy to operate. No matter your style of home, double-hung windows will supply a classic and beautiful look. Budget Exteriors’ supply of Soft-Lite® Windows ensures energy efficiency. Whether they are going in the master bedroom or living room, Budget Exteriors’ window replacement contractors will install your double-hung windows with precision and expertise.
  • Sliding Windows Sliding windows make for easy use and manageable maintenance. Sliding windows will restrict air from leaking and ensure your home remains secure and safe. Budget Exteriors offers installation services for high-quality sliding windows that will provide a contemporary look for your home. A popular choice among homeowners, sliding windows compliment any horizontal space.

Bay & Bow Windows

An efficient way to boost your home’s curb appeal, Budget Exteriors’s team of experts are able to install both bay or bow windows based on your vision and needs. Bay windows allow plenty of natural light into your home while enhancing your view. Using roughly three or more windows that angle outward, bay windows differ slightly from bow windows which typically supply closer to four, five, or six windows. Both options are ideal for creating a brighter and more open feel inside your home.

Windows and Doors FAQ

Is it worth getting new windows?

The decision to invest in new windows provides you with an array of benefits and advantages. You can expect to earn back the majority of the amount you invested into the windows from the increase in your home’s market value, alone. You can also expect to see a decrease in heating and cooling bills, which also adds value to your investment. Investing in new windows will show its worth financially, aesthetically, and through the increase in overall comfort of your home.

Do new windows really save energy? What kind of windows are the most energy efficient?

Through the installation of new windows, you can expect to save money each year on heating and cooling bills. Any window with an Energy Star rating, such as the SoftLite® Windows installed by Budget Exteriors, will prove to increase the energy efficiency in your home.

Are replacement windows tax deductible?

To qualify for tax credit on your new windows, they will have to meet a particular energy rating. Energy Star-rated products, such as the Soft-Lite® Windows installed by Budget Exteriors that implement 30% less energy usage in your home, will qualify for tax credit.

Will replacement windows increase home value?

Replacement windows have a return investment of 70-80%. Whether you’re hoping to increase the energy efficiency of your home, or you want to increase the natural lighting in your home, you are increasing the comfort and value of your home, thus creating a higher market value.

Call Budget Exteriors to Get Your New Windows and Doors

Updating your home is a critical part to ensuring it remains safe, comfortable, and visually satisfying. At Budget Exteriors, our team of experts is ready to install the replacement doors or replacement windows you want. Whether you’re ready to replace the dated windows in your kitchen, or you’ve decided it’s time to get a new front door, we are ready to help with top-notch installation processes and high-quality products. Call Budget Exteriors at 952-887-1613 to get started today.

white house with double hung windows.

Double Hung

Ideal for walkways, porches, and patios, double-hung windows are stylish and efficient.

Sliding window looking out to nature.


Easy to open and contemporary, sliding windows offer plenty of air circulation.

Bay Window looking out to nature.

Bay & Bow

Bay and bow windows are perfect for increasing space and letting in some natural light and fresh air.

Casement Windows looking out to nature.


Casement windows are easy to open and offer optimal ventilation.

White outdoor furniture.


Awning windows are visually pleasing and come with an accessible handle for simple control.

looking down on an egress window installation.


Increase the safety in bedrooms with egress windows.

Garden window with potted plants.


Display your prized plants and herbs while also letting in plenty of natural light.

Patio furniture on a deck.


Embrace natural light with the installment of beautiful patio doors.

Front of a blue house.


Make first impressions last and put safety first with a new entry door.

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