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Homeowners are faced with several options when it comes to choosing the right siding for their homes. A house’s siding material is an important decision because it’s ultimately the protective and visual representation of your home. There are many considerations to weigh when deciding which siding to invest in. Vinyl siding proves to be a superior option when striving for long-lasting durability and the aesthetical advancement for your home.

Budget Exteriors’ team of vinyl siding contractors is happy to assist you with any questions or inquiries you have about vinyl siding. We are proud installers of high-quality vinyl siding and offer free estimates to start your project. Call us today at 952-887-1613 to work with one of the most professional and experienced vinyl siding companies in the area.

Vinyl Siding on Minnesota Home

Aesthetic Benefits of Vinyl Siding

If the durability of vinyl siding intrigues you, but you’re apprehensive of its visual performance, rest assured that vinyl siding remains an excellent option for aesthetic reasons. Vinyl siding is manufactured in a plethora of colors and hues. The quality of the siding keeps the colors from fading, chipping, and peeling. If you wish to personalize the look of your home, vinyl siding offers superior flexibility for choosing different trims, textures, and shapes. Additionally, vinyl siding can come in textures that appear as if it’s made of wood, so if you find yourself drawn to the look of wood siding but still desire the durability of vinyl, you can have both!

Budget Exteriors has been practicing vinyl siding installation services for over 30 years. The expertise and professionalism provided by our team of vinyl siding installers can assure you that your siding will remain secure, durable, and beautiful for many years.

Vinyl Siding FAQ


Does vinyl siding require any maintenance?

As a homeowner, it is important to be mindful about the status and condition of the exterior of your home. Trimming the shrubbery and trees that surround your house can restrict branches and stems from wearing down the siding. Additionally, it’s a good idea to wash the vinyl siding on your home once a year to keep dirt and other natural growth from developing. Keeping open flames and sources of extremely high heat away from the siding, such as grills and fire pits, can also prevent it from melting. Noticeable cracks and holes in vinyl siding should be addressed and repaired to ensure the longevity of the siding’s life.

Is vinyl siding durable/weather resistant?

Vinyl siding remains a frontrunner among exterior siding options because of its long-lasting durability against outside forces. Vinyl siding is an excellent option if you wish to protect your home from harsh winds and extreme temperatures for many years. If you take proper care of your vinyl siding, it should remain durable and resistant toward many types of weather conditions.

Your Team of Vinyl Siding Contractors

If you think vinyl siding is what your home needs, contact Budget Exteriors to get started with a free estimate. Here at Budget Exteriors, we offer a professional vinyl siding installation experience. Our team of experts are ready to answer any questions and inquiries you have about vinyl siding. As one of the leading vinyl siding companies in the Twin Cities, we are prepared to help you take on your project. Call us at 952-887-1613 to get started on your vinyl siding installation.

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