Five Benefits of Ice Dam Prevention

Five Benefits of Ice Dam Prevention

Next time there’s snow on your roof, take a look outside at your home’s exterior. Are there icicles hanging from your roof’s edge? If so, you probably have ice dams to match. And unfortunately, those ice dams can cause a significant amount of damage not only to your roof but also to your home’s interior and exterior. Fortunately, it’s possible to prevent ice dams with high-performance insulation and roofing materials from Budget Exteriors.

In this post, our residential roofing pros are covering the top benefits of ice dam prevention. To schedule your roof insulation services, give us a call today.

1.    Prevent water damage.

Ice dams cause water to flow into your roof’s underlayment and into your home. Once inside your home, it can cause damage to your attic insulation and the structure of your roof and attic. It can also cause water damage to your home’s ceiling and walls.

2.    Avoid mildew and mold growth.

Once water seeps into your home’s interior, it creates a welcome breeding ground for mold proliferation. Inside your home, mold threatens your family’s health and destroys everything it touches, leading to rot in many cases.

3.    Keep animals and pests out of your attic.

During the winter months, small animals look for warm places to nest down for the cold season, and too often, it ends up being in an attic. A well-insulated attic and roof are less vulnerable to animal infestation and insects.

4.    Enjoy a more comfortable home.

When it’s cold outside, a better-insulated home will be more comfortable throughout each room. When your attic insulation has a higher R-value, it reduces heat transfer through your roof, keeping heat inside your home where it belongs.

5.    Pay less on your energy bills.

When your system has to work harder to keep up with heat loss through your attic, you can end up with outsized monthly energy costs. But a well-insulated attic will reduce your energy bills, saving you money in the long run and reducing your home’s environmental footprint.

Prevent Ice Dams in Minnesota

Ice dams are much easier to prevent than they are to remove. And with help from Budget Exteriors in Minnesota, keeping ice dams off of your roof is easier than ever. We offer a complete range of exterior remodeling services including insulation installation and gutter repair services. To speak with our team at Budget Exteriors, give us a call at 952.887.1613 or contact us online today.

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