What Happens During an Egress Window Install?
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What Happens During an Egress Window Install?

If you’ve been dreaming of converting your basement, you’re not alone. Converting a dank basement into the ultimate laundry room/hangout spot, a gaming room, media room, or a bedroom for a college student is becoming more popular these days. And it’s a great way to maximize space while adding value to your home. But if you’re considering a basement remodel, one of the first things you’ll need to invest in is an egress window.

In this post from Budget Installers in Minnesota, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about egress window installation. Give us a call to connect with our egress window installers today.

Egress Window Basics

An egress window is a type of window that’s specifically designed to allow egress during an emergency. Egress windows generally look like regular windows except that they completely open so your home’s occupants can get out of the home fast. They’re often required for basement conversions to be considered up to local building codes, and they are required by law in Minnesota. However, even if they weren’t, it would be unsafe to convert a basement without a point of egress.

But the benefits of egress windows go beyond emergency use. Egress windows are extremely useful when it comes to bringing natural light and fresh air into an otherwise dark space. And they can be designed to match the look of any room and exterior.

Installing an Egress Window

To install an egress window in a basement, contractors will start by excavating to create what’s known as a window well. A window well is a type of metal shield that sits below ground and attaches to the foundation of a home in a half-circle shape. Its purpose is to keep dirt and rocks away from the window so there’s plenty of room for everyone to get out if need be. In some cases, a ladder may also be added if the well is far below ground. Due to the complexity of this particular type of installation, a highly skilled contractor is needed for the job.

Here’s what you can expect to happen during an egress window install in broad terms:

1.      Contractors will evaluate the area and determine the best size and location to meet building code standards.

2.      They’ll check to make sure the dig avoids underground wires and plumbing.

3.      The window well area will be excavated.

4.      Contractors will cut through the home’s foundation to form a window opening.

5.      Contractors will install the window frame and window.

6.      The window will be sealed.

7.      Contractors will remove work equipment and clean up the workspace.

8.      You’ll enjoy your new basement window!

Get an Egress Window Installed Today

If you’ve been dreaming of that basement conversion, give Budget Exteriors a call to make your dream come true today. Connect with our Budget Exteriors window installers by calling 952.887.1613 or contact us online for your window install quote today!

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