Four Benefits of Awning Windows
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Four Benefits of Awning Windows

Do you know your windows? When you’re replacing the windows in your Minnesota home, you’ll likely come across a few different types of windows including awning windows. Awning windows work similarly to casement windows, opening out with hinges at the top to form an awning over the space. And they can have a surprising number of advantages.

At Budget Exteriors, we offer a complete range of replacement window services including awning window replacement services. In this post, we’ll look at some of the benefits of installing awning windows. To schedule your awning window installation, give us a call.

1.   They’re incredibly versatile.

Thanks to their sleek and simple style, awning windows are a great choice for modern homes. Because they’re placed so high up on the wall, awning windows leave plenty of space for art or large TV screens. And they look just as great in bathrooms as they do in living rooms and bedrooms, making them one of the most flexible window designs on the market.

2.   They offer great ventilation.

One of the best things about awning windows is opening them up on a cool autumn or spring day and letting the breeze waft into your home. And the beauty of awning windows is that you’re not limited to sunny day breezes.

Even during a full-blown rainstorm, you can pop open your awning windows and let the cool air blow in while listening to the relaxing sounds of a brisk autumn rain. The design of the window will keep water out of your home. Just add a good book, a comfy chair, and a pot of coffee for a perfect fall afternoon!

3.   They’re affordable.

One of the biggest factors when determining window price is size. That’s why large picture windows can be so costly. Awning windows take up a lot less space than most window designs, making it affordable to brighten up the space throughout your home.

4.   They’re fairly secure.

When you’re thinking about window replacement, you shouldn’t only be thinking about efficiency. Window security is also an important factor, and awning windows tend to be more secure than double-hung windows, picture windows, and sliding windows.

That’s because most burglaries are crimes of opportunity, and thieves want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Awning windows are not convenient to get in and out due to their high placement, and they’re typically too small for most adult burglars to fit through.

Get Your Awning Windows Today!

If you live in the seven-county metro area and you’re in need of replacement windows, we’ve got you covered at Budget Exteriors. Call 952.887.1613 to connect with our window installers or contact us online and get your free quote.

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