How to Choose the Best Front Door For Your Home
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How to Choose the Best Front Door For Your Home

Your front door is one of the most noticeable exterior components of your home. In many cases, it serves as the first impression for visitors. Your front door also emphasizes your home’s appearance and atmosphere.

Because of the large role your front door plays in the aesthetic appeal of your home, you should take the time to select a front door that suits your home’s overall appearance. Plus, because it’s always front-and-center, how well it holds up also matters a great deal.

Here are several steps you can take to successfully select a front door that’s both practical and stylish.

Brainstorm Styles

Depending on your home’s current age and theme, you may want to install a door style that best suits your home’s current look. Most often, homeowners choose between a single or double door style. Single style doors are ideal for smaller homes whereas double doors can suit a home with a large entrance area.

In terms of style, you have plenty of options, and if you’re redecorating your front porch along with adding a new door, the sky’s the limit for what you create. Get some front-porch inspiration from our blog!

Mull Over Materials

There are several different materials you can pick to go along with your door type. You can choose to have your front door made of wood, fiberglass, or steel. Choosing your door’s material relies heavily on your price range and the amount of durability and security you want your door to have.

Consider the Elements

Homes in Minnesota endure higher winds and colder temperatures compared to homes in other parts of the country. When selecting your front door’s material you should keep in mind the blizzards and hailstorms it may take on.

While wood doors provide aesthetic appeal and a strong structure, they may not be the best option for taking on extreme weather conditions. Alternatively, steel doors can supply your home with durability and enhance energy efficiency. However, steel is susceptible to scratches and may not provide the aesthetic appearance you desire—so there are pros and cons to nearly every decision.

Select Your Color and Bonus Features

One of the most effective ways of making your home stand out is by focusing on your front door’s color. You can select a color that makes the door extremely noticeable, or find a color that is cohesive with the rest of your home’s overall appearance.

Regardless, selecting your door’s paint color and door handle type should simply come down to your aesthetic preference. But if “just choose what you like” is a bit too vague for you, though, rest assured there are plenty of inspiration sources available.

For one, front doors, like any industry, go through trends. Though it’s ill-advised to make your remodeling decision based on these trends alone (unless you’re just going to sell the house anyway), familiarizing yourself with what’s hot can yield valuable inspiration. For instance, in a survey conducted by Fixr, which provides home improvement information and cost comparisons for homeowners, 56% of experts predicted a black front door to be one of the most popular choices for 2022. As for why, the site said “black [is] compatible with almost all other colors. This means that no matter your siding color, black is sure to combine well.”

If you want to go a bit bolder, Hunker similarly states that experts have predicted that bright red and cool blue will also be big hits this year. The former “is a perennial trend,” meaning it’s not likely to go out of fashion anytime soon. It also recommends that you “contrast a warm exterior with a blue door” for maximum color impact.

Benefits of Replacing Your Front Door

Perhaps you have an ideal front door in mind, but you’re not sure if you should take the time to replace the door you already have on your home. Before you set aside your plans, consider all the benefits of replacing your front door.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Older doors allow air leaks throughout your home which can affect its energy efficiency and result in higher monthly energy bills. Modern doors are able to better prevent air leaks and lower your bills.

Decreased in Noise Pollution

In addition to restricting air leaks, a new, modern door can also prevent outside noises from ruining your home’s peace and quiet. Because new doors are able to seal more efficiently, outside noises will have a more difficult time of getting past its barrier.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

One of the most effective ways to update your home’s curb appeal is by installing a beautiful, modern front door. Modern doors come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors capable of enhancing your home’s appearance. Additionally, if your current door’s surface is rotting, chipping, or warping, replacing it with a new door can update your home’s curb appeal.

Increased Market Value

Because of the benefits new front doors supply, you can also expect a replacement to increase your home’s overall market value. The enhanced energy-efficiency and curb appeal will intrigue potential buyers.

But just how much can a new front door increase your market value? That depends on your locale and target buyer demographic—but, all things considered, it does tend to give back a fair deal of what you put in. According to the 2021 Cost Vs. Value Report by Remodeling, installing a new steel front door yields a whopping average 65% ROI nationwide. Compared to all the other projects on the list, it’s also incredibly affordable, making it an easy choice if you’re looking to get more for your home, but don’t have a ton to invest. Plus, since door installations tend to be quick when performed by a pro, it’s easy to fit it into a busy on-the-market schedule.

Contact Budget Exteriors for Top-Notch Front Doors and More

There are several benefits to having a team of professional contractors install a new front door on your home.

If you think your home could benefit from a new front door, contact Budget Exteriors today. Our team of professional contractors can securely and efficiently install your new front door in a jiffy! Reach our Bloomington office today at 952-887-1613.

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