Welcoming Front Porch Transformations
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Welcoming Front Porch Transformations

Whether you’re looking for ways to update your outdated home or you’re thinking of listing it on the market, home exterior remodeling can be a tremendous undertaking. But you don’t have to completely transform your home’s siding or invest in a new roof to make a big splash when it comes to curb appeal.

A few small details are all that’s needed for a high-impact front porch makeover. In this entry from Budget Exteriors in Minnesota, we’re breaking down our favorite ideas for easy front porch transformations that pack a lot of punch. Contact our exterior remodeling contractors about replacement windows, new entry doors, and other solutions for your front porch makeover!

1.   Give it a good scrub.

Without regular cleaning, cobwebs and dust bunnies can attach to the front of your house like barnacles. Start by brushing away any visible cobwebs and debris, then wash the walls of your front porch area with a gentle cleaner and soft sponge. Complete your cleaning by rinsing the area with a garden house.

2.   Add some new lighting.

You’d be surprised at how transformative new lighting can be. Remove outdated porch lighting and replace it with new, modern fixtures that go well with the architectural style and decor of your home. Consider adding string lights for a warm, homey touch.

3.   Change your house numbers.

One of the most charming touches you can add to your front porch is customized house numbers. Don’t feel limited by what’s available at the hardware store when there’s a world of custom house numbers available on websites like Etsy.

4.   Replace the front door.

Replacement entry doors are one of the most high-value investments you can make in your home. A new door will add security and style to your front porch, and a pop of color can make your home look like a new place altogether.

5.   Add new furnishings

Switch out your old furniture with new seating and a small table, add decorative plants, and finish the look with a new door mat.

6.   Invest in replacement windows.

One of the hottest home exterior designs right now is to replace outdated windows with new, efficient windows framed in black. The darker shade frames the windows and makes them pop against a home’s siding.

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Get the curb appeal that your home is missing with Budget Exteriors. To connect with our Budget Exteriors exterior remodeling pros, give us a call at 952.887.1613 or contact us online and for a free quote today.

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