Wall Insulation

What is Your Current Wall Insulation?

Studies show that up to 35% of your home’s energy loss is through your existing walls! RetroFoam is the answer to STOP the energy loss through your walls with effective wall insulation. If your home does have insulation in the walls, chances are it’s the original fiberglass or cellulose insulation from when your home was built. These types of insulation break down over time, hold in moisture and dust, and won’t completely air seal your home to keep warm air in during the winter and cold air in during the summer. Budget Exteriors has state-of-the-art wall insulation injection foam that is the only product that STOPS the air leakage!

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Benefits of RetrFoam Wall Insulation

  • Injected from the exterior so installation of wall insulation is not a hassle
  • Fills the wall cavities so the air leaks are stopped
  • Reduces drafts
  • Your home’s temperature stays more consistent
  • Reduces allergens and moisture from entering your home
  • Reduces outside noise
  • Utility bills typically drop significantly


What Types Of Siding Can We Insulate?

Because RetroFoam wall insulation is typically installed from the exterior we can insulate most any existing home. Depending on the type of siding on your home the process may vary slightly. Generally, we will remove a small section of your siding and drill a hole in each stud cavity. The RetroFoam is injected into each cavity and our install team plugs each of the holes. After any cleanup is completed your siding is put back on. The majority of homes can be completed in one day and the benefits are immediate!.

Can We Insulate Brick Homes

Absolutely! We drill small holes in the mortar joints and inject the foam to fill the stud cavities. After cleanup we work with you, the homeowner, to match your mortar color and fill and patch the holes. Most mortars are any easy match and the holes are hidden.

RetroFoam injection wall insulation offers many benefits for your comfort, as well as energy savings.

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