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RetroFoam Insulation

Cutting Edge Insulation – RetroFoam

Another way to attack your high monthly bills is by improving the insulation in your walls, and the RetroFoam™ system offers a clean, quick, safe way to do it.

RetroFoamRetroFoam is environmentally safe and OSHA-compliant. Our insulation materials are non-flammable and carry a Class 1 fire rating. The Energy Star-approved system typically allows introducing new foam insulation in less than a day and doesn’t require tearing open your walls. In most cases, the foam is installed from the outside and doesn’t require removing existing insulation. This also means no furniture moving, torn walls, or interior cleaning.

In addition to increasing the insulating factor in your walls, the foam acts as a noise barrier, reducing noise levels by 41 dB on average. RetroFoam also fills the small cracks and gaps in the walls that allow pests to creep into your home.RetroFoam Wall Insulation

When insulating your home, it is best to consider a total approach. Even with the attic insulated, the hot and cold air will find the next easiest escape route. This is usually through the walls and windows. RetroFoam forms a solid barrier in your walls and prevents inside air from leaking out. To make an analogy, your refrigerator wouldn’t work nearly as well if the sides were made out of plywood. Budget Exteriors can help you save money and headaches by filling the gaps in your energy loss protection.

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