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Become One of the Family

Budget Exteriors is nationally recognized as a top home improvement leader. For over 25 years, we’ve prided ourselves on hiring only the best and we are always looking for motivated, passionate professionals to work with us.

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Experience Matters

All of Budget Exteriors installation crew members are construction professionals. Our main focus is safety and customer satisfaction. All installers must take pride in doing quality, timely work, and must maintain the highest level of cleanliness and safety possible at all job sites.


Window Installer

We are looking for remodeling professionals with self-starter attitudes and the drive to get things done. Installers directly ensure customer satisfaction and must be able to identify and correct any challenges that arise on the job.



Installers must be capable of quality, professional installation of windows while creating a friendly, courteous job site atmosphere. Installers must follow all EPA, OSHA, and builder safety rules. Installers work closely with the production manager and sales staff to ensure timely, dependable window installation.


  • Installers must have experience in a related field as well as all necessary tools to handle all aspects of the job. Contractors must have LLC or Incorporated status, as well as EPA lead safe renovator certification and firm certification along with workers comp/liability insurance.
  • Installation contractors must have the ability to interact on a technical level with the production manager and vendor reps. All Installers must have the ability to work in various climates, adverse weather, and to physically perform all aspects of the job. Valid driver’s license with a clear driving record is required.

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Our sales consultants work directly with the homeowner to create affordable, quality design solutions covering a variety of remodeling needs. Our sales team members are given in-depth training in all aspects of home improvements and they are supported with quality leads from our marketing department. Sales team members have the potential to earn $100K with benefits, including a 401(k) plan.



Sales team members must be able to work evenings and weekends, and are responsible for managing their own files. Sales team members are also responsible for visiting and inspecting job sites.


  • Must be a detailed professional with perfected people skills and a vibrant personality. Sales experience is preferred, but motivated individuals with the ability to communicate effectively would be encouraged to apply. A valid driver’s license and your own vehicle are required.

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Marketing team members offer assistance and solutions to homeowners through indirect channels. NO SALES REQUIRED. Training is provided and marketers receive a competitive hourly wage plus commission. Marketing members have $1,000 per week earning potential.



Marketers are responsible for establishing quality leads for our sales team members. Marketing team members must be available to work Monday-Friday 3pm-9pm, and Saturday 10am-2pm. Marketers are responsible for meeting daily company and personal marketing goals.


  • Marketers must be detailed professionals with excellent communication skills and a great phone presence. Team members must have the ability to retain knowledge about products and phone procedures. Marketers must be mentally agile and able to think on their feet.

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