Your Everything Guide to Casement Windows

Your Everything Guide to Casement Windows

When you’re looking at windows for your home, there are plenty of options to choose from. Between sliding windows, double-hung windows, and all of the other available window formats, it can be difficult to know which is right for a certain room in your home. One of the most attractive window solutions is the casement window. If you’re not familiar with this moveable window option, you may be surprised to learn they have been in use since the Renaissance.

At Budget Exteriors, we love helping homeowners across the Twin Cities area choose the best windows for their homes. In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about casement windows and talk about why they’re some of the prettiest windows to install in your home.

What are Casement Windows?

Glass windows have been around since about the 17th century, and casement windows were the earliest form of windows that could be opened and closed. Early casement windows were created with iron and glass and hinged similarly to a door. Although casement windows have evolved over time, the basic concept remains the same.

Casement windows are typically hinged on either side and can open all the way with a crank, which is why they’re also sometimes called crank windows. These windows offer bright, unobstructed views, but they still open wide to allow plenty of ventilation into a home’s interior. Wider and taller than many other styles of windows, they’re also easy for almost anyone to use.

Check out all these great reasons to love casement windows:

1.    They’re versatile.

Casement windows are incredibly versatile and look great in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens alike. They elegantly complement a wide range of architectural styles from classic to contemporary, and they’re available in a wide range of colors and styles like many other types of windows.

When customizing your vinyl casement windows, you can choose your exterior and interior frame color, hardware, grill pattern, and dimensions to fit your home’s style. The options are practically limitless.

2.    They’re easy to maintain.

Many windows are difficult to clean due to their design. However, casement windows are generally easy to clean due to their size and lack of obstructions on the glass. Additionally, vinyl casement windows are easy to maintain because they won’t warp like wood and don’t require regular repainting.

3.    They’re easy to use.

Casement windows are one of the easier-to-use window profiles. They open with a simple hand crank that doesn’t require a lot of upper body strength like some double-hung windows, making them an excellent window profile for individuals with arthritis or other mobility issues.

4.    They offer an unobstructed view.

Unlike double-pane windows, casement windows offer a completely unobstructed view, which is why they are often used in three-window lites. And they’re perfect any place you want a clear view of the world outside, especially in kitchens and breakfast nooks.

5.    They’re more secure than many other profiles.

Secure windows are one of the most important elements in a home’s overall security strategy. Unlike many other types of windows that can be easily broken into, the design of a casement window includes a secure locking mechanism located on the inside of the window frame. This makes it much more difficult for intruders to break into a home. All of that extra work buys homeowners time. And since most burglars are looking for an easy break-in, there’s a good chance they’ll move on to an easier target.

6.    They let in plenty of fresh air.

Springtime in Minnesota is a great time to open up the windows and let the fresh air waft through your home. Casement windows open wide to let plenty of fresh air in, allowing homeowners to cool their homes on pleasant days, reducing energy costs and household energy footprints.

Should You Install Casement Windows?

If you’re thinking about changing up the look of your home with window replacement, casement windows add interest and elegance to almost any space. At Budget Exteriors, we install Energy Star-winning Soft-Lite® Windows so you’ll get the best in energy efficiency and design.

For a more scenic view, install two casement windows side-by-side to create what is known as a French casement or double casement look. These versatile windows can also be combined with other window styles for a uniquely elegant look.  

Call Our Minnesota Casement Window Replacement Contractor

Are you thinking it’s time to shed some light in your home? If you’ve always loved the idea of elevating your space with bright, breezy windows, you’ll love how casement windows or French casement windows brighten up your space.

To get a free estimate on your replacement windows, give us a call at 952.887.1613. Or to learn more about how we can help with your window installation project, contact us online. Give our window replacement contractors a call today!

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