Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

With spring weather here at last after a long, cold winter, homeowners across Minnesota are taking advantage of the sunny weather and checking off their spring home maintenance lists. At Budget Exteriors, we offer a complete range of home improvement projects to help homeowners in the seven-county area get their homes in great shape for summer.

As you’re checking off your springtime to-do list, don’t forget to check out your windows to make sure they’re in good working order. To help, we’re sharing this list of important signs your windows could be due for replacement. Give us a call to connect with a window replacement contractor and discuss window solutions for your home!

1.   Your walls are wet or there’s moisture on your window frame or pane.

When your windows are ineffective at keeping Mother Nature out, moisture can end up where it doesn’t belong inside your home. Beyond the obvious issue of unsightly wall and paint damage, water infiltration can compromise your home’s structural integrity and lead to unhealthy mold growth inside your home. If water is leaking into your home, the waterproofing capabilities of your windows have become faulty and it’s time for replacement windows.

2.   There is water condensation inside the window or between the panes.

It’s perfectly natural to see condensation formation on the outside of your window. But your windows are designed and intended to form and retain a watertight seal. If you can see any signs of moisture stuck between the window panes or inside of your window, the seal on your window is broken. This problem could be due to deterioration over time or an imperfect original installation.

A broken seal can lead to a number of problems including increased humidity inside your home that results in mold, rot, or air quality concerns. The best approach to a broken window seal is to replace the window altogether.

3.   Your Hardwood Floor Is Faded

There are few things more shocking than moving your furniture to clean and realizing that your floor has been bleached by the sun’s UV rays. While you can’t see it from day to day, over time, the sun may be damaging your furnishings the same way it can damage human skin. Solar radiation causes an oxidative bleaching process that can bleach many types of surfaces inside a home including art, furniture, carpets, rugs, flooring, paint, walls, and more. At the same time, solar heat can cause these materials to become brittle and degrade.

The best way to protect your furnishings is to keep solar radiation outside of your windows, but heavy curtains and blinds can leave your family sitting in the dark. Replacing your windows with Low-E windows can help to reduce these harmful UV rays, protecting your floors, furniture, and family alike.

4.   Your windows are in bad shape.

It’s easy to become accustomed to windows that don’t work quite as well as they once did. If your windows are difficult to open, no longer open, or painted shut, you are living with a fire hazard. Another common problem is degraded wood window frames. Over time, your windows can become rotten or warped from moisture damage or cracked from solar radiation exposure. Wood windows are also vulnerable to termite damage. If your windows are in poor condition due to the passage of time, it’s time to update them with a weatherproof alternative like vinyl.

5.   Your windows are hard to clean.

Cleaning your windows shouldn’t be a challenge. If you love your windows but cleaning them is a hassle, it’s time for an upgrade. Modern windows have come a long way, and today’s quality vinyl windows are easier to clean than ever before. And some types of windows are easier to clean than others by design. Ask your contractor which windows are easiest to maintain.

6.   You’re concerned about home security.

When it comes to your home security, the safest homes incorporate a multifaceted strategy. But even homes with secure deadlocks, doorbell cameras, and alarm systems often have points of vulnerability at the windows. Most home invaders are looking for easy targets because the last thing they need is to have their day broken up by the police.

Easily broken windows are like a gift-wrapped present for these sketchy criminals, especially if your windows are thin or you have older frames. With high-performance window glass, however, they’ll have a harder time getting into your home, which means they’re more likely to move on down the road looking for another home to victimize.

7.   There’s a draft in your living room.

When you’ve got a draft in one of your windows, it can affect your entire home.

If stormy weather and cool nights mean there’s a draft in your living room, your windows aren’t well-sealed. Not only can this make for a miserable living space, but it can also have a direct impact on your heating and cooling costs.

When air is able to pass through your windows freely, your HVAC system has a harder time keeping the temperature inside your home, which means bigger bills all year long. It also means your heater and AC have to work harder to keep up, which can cause the system to need more maintenance or wear out sooner. On the other hand, replacing your windows will make your home more comfortable and save you money on your energy bills each month.

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