Outside-the-Box Kitchen Window Ideas

Outside-the-Box Kitchen Window Ideas

A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. You greet the day with a fresh cup of coffee in your kitchen. You share intimate conversations over bowls of ice cream and create beautiful meals for those you love.

Whether you’re watching the sunrise with a slice of toast or sipping hot cocoa while the snow falls, a kitchen window is central to a beautiful and well-appointed kitchen. There’s nothing quite like a sunlit kitchen to make your space feel warm and open.

At Budget Exteriors in Minnesota, our professional window installers offer a complete range of replacement window services. This post shares some of our favorite outside-the-box kitchen window ideas for your home.

Check out our thoughts, and then call us about replacement window options for your Maple Grove home!

1. Replace Your Upper Cabinets With Windows

Windows placed above kitchen cabinets fill your kitchen with warm, golden sunlight. Nowadays, more homeowners are replacing their upper kitchen cabinets with windows to bring more light into large kitchens.

This look is lovely in kitchens with a farmhouse or minimalist design.

2. Add Corner Windows

Kitchen corners can make awkward spaces for cabinets and appliances. Instead, consider installing corner windows and using the area to add a perfect little breakfast spot or a place for plant lovers to showcase their green thumb treasures.

3. Place Windows Behind Shelves

If you like a minimalist kitchen, consider installing bright windows behind rows of floating shelves. This look creates the perfect backdrop to display your kitchen and other heirloom treasures.

4. Grow a Kitchen Garden

Do you love cooking with fresh parsley or basil? Garden windows are a popular way to add more light to your space while adding the illusion of extra space.

Grow fresh kitchen herbs to use when you cook, or plant your little flower garden to enjoy a touch of spring throughout the year.

5. Install Black-Framed Kitchen Windows

Black frames are the biggest interior window design trend. As a design look, they frame a window, creating a uniquely attractive focal point that works well with a wide range of design looks.

6. Create Extra Window Seating in the Kitchen Area

With the addition of a beautiful bay window, you can create a cozy breakfast nook with seat pillows on one side of your eating table and chairs on the other.

Bay windows can also provide an optional seating area between your dining area and meal preparation area where your guests can sit and chat while the meal preparers cook.

7.  Bring Nature Into the Kitchen

A growing trend in kitchen renovation updates is installing sliding or picture windows behind kitchen counter task areas instead of backsplash kitchen tile, allowing you to keep an eye on what's happening with children or pets in the backyard.

If one of your kitchen walls faces your backyard, then opt for placing double-hung or picture windows that invite the light and beauty of nature in. Several more narrow double-hung windows can also serve as a decorative accent.

Along the same lines, why not install a casement or sliding window behind the main sink to allow that natural light to flow while washing dishes? Add a couple of sunlight-loving plants to brighten and add natural color accents. 

If you have a beautiful view of the outside, these options will also make the room feel larger by bringing in the view and natural light.

A casement window is unique in that it is the only type of window available that fully opens, providing optimized ventilation and allowing you to enjoy the sound and smell of fresh falling rain.

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