How to Hang Christmas Lights on the Roof

How to Hang Christmas Lights on the Roof

With autumn in full swing, winter preparation must begin. But, one of the best benefits of preparing for another Midwest winter, is getting ready for the holidays! It’s now time to start decking your halls and the front of your house with holiday lights and decorations. It is also important to hang your lights carefully so they don’t cause damage to your roof.

With a few simple precautions, you can transform your home safely into a holiday wonderland without damaging so much as a shingle. In this post from Budget Exteriors, we’re covering everything you need to know to hang holiday lights safely without damaging your roof. When you need residential roof repair services, give Budget Exteriors a call.

Start With a Plan

Like most things, the key to a perfect holiday light installation is starting with a solid plan. Although pulling out those holiday lights can be exciting, don’t get ahead of yourself. Instead, grab your trusty pencil and paper and formulate a strategy that works.

These are a few things to consider adding to your plan.

Consider Your Winter Wonderland Design

When it comes to decorating the exterior of your home for the holidays, you have creative reign over how you celebrate out loud. However, it’s much more than shopping for lights and decor— although it can be that much fun!

As you’re searching through your garage for lights, decor, and preparing to go to the home improvement store for something new, you need a design. Before you purchase any new lights, decide on a color palette. Do you want to create a wintry wonderland, a holiday-specific display, or something altogether different? Plan and design before you gather supplies.

Consider Your Layout

Once you’ve decided on a design, you should now consider your home’s layout. Create a focal point around your front door or landscape features. Line the roofline, windows, door frames, and eaves with lights. You could use icicle lights for your roofline and windows for a snowy effect. Or line the drive and walkways with lights or decorations.

Add net lights to your trees, shrubs, and bushes. Don’t forget your mailbox and architectural details like columns. And, for yard inflatables, you can add lights around the decor for a cool glowing effect.

Consider the Financial Cost

The winter holidays are a time in which most, if not all, of us are spending too much money but enjoying every moment of it. While your home’s holiday lights put smiles on the faces of your family, loved ones, and neighbors, it is important to understand the cost of these bright lights. Make sure you don’t go overboard and end up with an energy bill that shocks you too much.

Hanging Your Lights

Once you’ve figured out where you want to hang your lights, it’s time to break out measuring tape. Measure the total length of all areas where you plan to hang lights, as well as the length of extension cord you’ll need to reach a power source.

Next, make sure your existing lights are free of damage that could create a safety risk, and check to make sure your lights all work. If you plan to purchase holiday lights this year, consider LEDs since they last much longer and they’re much easier on your energy bills.

To hang your lights, use extension cords that are rated for outdoor use. Instead of staples, use light clips to hang your lights. Light clips won’t hurt your roof, and they’re easy to install and remove. When possible, attach light clips to your gutters.

When installing your lights, be sure each light is pointed in the same direction so they look uniform from the street. Use a timer so you don’t have to worry about turning your lights on and off each evening.

Preparing Your Home for Winter Warmth

The holiday seasons are a time for family. Having loved ones over is an exciting event for most, but without a warm and welcoming home, it isn’t much fun. Consider the many services offered by Budget Exteriors to get your home winter, and guest, ready.

Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation

Have you noticed a draft, higher than usual heating bills, poor temperature control around your home, or an issue with excessive moisture with no explanation? You may need to consider upgrading your home’s attic and wall insulation. If you plan on entertaining this holiday season, speak to an insulation expert before you do.

Furnace Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

Before your parents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends come over, make sure that your home’s furnace is in full working order. With Budget Exteriors’ furnace repair and maintenance, your home will be as warm as welcoming as it should be around the holidays.

Winter-Ready Windows

If you’ve experienced drafty windows or heat loss due to these old windows, you need to speak to an expert about new window installation or window wrapping. Window wrapping offers an extra layer of protection for your home, keeping out wind, snow, and other harsh weather elements.

There are also specific types of energy-efficient windows, such as double-hung windows and sliding windows, that you can ask about for additional temperature control in your home.

Weather-Resistant Doors

Much like windows, our home’s doors wear down after several years, especially when used as they should. However, a new, energy-efficient door decreases your energy costs and greatly improves the warmth throughout the home. Especially in Minnesota, weather-resistant doors are a valuable addition to any home.

Trust Your Minnesota Residential Roof Repair Pros at Budget Exteriors

While you’re installing your holiday lights, keep an eye out on the condition of your roof and look for damaged shingles or flashing. Keep yourself and your family warm and revel in the bright holiday lights without stress with our safety tips and advice. Call Budget Exteriors today at 952-887-1613 or contact Budget Exteriors online.

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