High-Value Home Remodeling Projects for the Best ROI

High-Value Home Remodeling Projects for the Best ROI

When it comes to the value of exterior remodeling projects, the importance of curb appeal cannot be overstated. Curb appeal encompasses home exterior features that are visible from the street, where they can potentially draw the attention of home buyers.

According to real estate industry experts, creating a strong first impression among potential buyers should be at the forefront of exterior remodeling decisions. In this post from the exterior remodeling pros at Budget Exteriors, we’re covering some of the most high-value remodeling projects for the biggest return on investment (ROI). Industry insiders advise that these are some of the smartest investments homeowners can make. Follow these tips to transform your home’s exterior and sell your home faster. 

Think About Potential Buyers

Even if you’re not ready to list your home on the market at this time, any remodeling project should consider the impact on potential buyers. Start by putting yourself in potential buyers’ shoes. In the Digital Age, most potential homebuyers start the process by looking online. If they love what they see and the curb appeal makes a strong impression, they’ll be more likely to want to see it in person. You want to hit them with a “wow” factor both online and in person.

These are the most high-value exterior remodeling investments for ROI:

1.    New Entry Doors.

Replacing your entry door with a new door adds security that homebuyers are looking for while transforming the look of your home from the curb. A brightly-colored or contrasting door color can be especially appealing for potential buyers.

2.    Replacement Windows.

Outdated windows can detract from the overall look of a home. Consider updating your windows with more efficient replacement windows and framing them in black frames. Energy-efficient windows can also pay off in terms of energy savings over time.

3.    Exterior Trim.

If your siding is in good shape but you’re looking to make a big splash with exterior remodeling upgrades, consider updating the soffit, fascia, and trim with a new color that adds interest and contrast.

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