Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

Can you believe it's September already? Once kids head back to school, it won't be long before we deck out our front porches in pumpkins and spooky decor.

If you haven't yet started getting your home ready for winter, now is an excellent time to get started. Minnesota winters can be brutal, so it's necessary to start early, ensuring your home is up to whatever nature has in store this year.

As leaders in exterior home remodeling, Budget Exteriors keeps homeowners in the Twin Cities ready for winter weather. We've put together a simple guide to three often-overlooked steps to prepare your home for the snow and ice this year.

Call the experts with Budget Exteriors to find out if your home is ready for the cold season!

Clean Out and Check Your Rain Gutters

Normally, rain gutters fill with debris like twigs, acorns, and leaves during the autumn season. Gutters that aren't cleaned but remain full with debris can sag, tear, and even fall away from your home.

In addition, damage to your gutters can lead to siding and roof damage – a much bigger project. And, if a clog doesn't cause the gutter to fall, it may just become a welcoming home for small animals and pests.

Unclean gutters also present a health risk for you and your family. As debris begins to clog up your gutters, perhaps becoming home for a few bugs, it becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Growing mold and mildew can easily slip into the attic of your home or come in through the siding.

To make your life easier this autumn, contact Budget Exteriors for gutter guard installation and cleaning to keep your gutters free of debris. Gutter cleaning also checks for damage to ensure there are no broken seams or damaged channels.

Seal Up Your Roof, Windows, and Doors

There are several pathways in which cold air can get into your home - and warm air can get out. Primarily, your roof, siding, windows, and doors must be sealed to prevent cold air from getting into your home this winter. Walk around your home this autumn to find any openings or holes around your windows, doors, heating or cooling systems, and even mail chutes. Install weather stripping and seals to prevent additional heat loss throughout the season.

Have Your Roof Inspected If It’s Been More Than a Year

Minor roof repairs may also be needed. Repair minor problems that arose over the spring and summer so that your roof can withstand the weight of snow and ice during winter's coldest months. Unfortunately, not all roof damage is visible to an untrained eye. Consider having a professional roof inspection if you're concerned about invisible roof damage.

Inspect Your Heating System

When you begin to winterize your home, checking your home's heating system should be among the first steps. After all, no hot air can escape through your attic or siding if you can't generate hot air in the first place.

Before winter is in full swing, ensure that a professional HVAC company has fully serviced your heater, boiler, or furnace. Annual maintenance keeps your home cozy all season long.

Check Your Insulation

Ineffective insulation will be a pain all winter long if it isn't repaired or replaced. Telltale signs of ineffective insulation include ice dams and icicles on the roof, inexplicable water damage, higher than average energy bills, and heating and cooling issues. When your insulation isn't doing its job, air escapes without warming or cooling your home as it should.

Before winter starts, you must address any potential problems that you have with your home's insulation. Most problems, from uneven air distribution to high energy bills, can be found and fixed with a professional insulation inspection.

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Just as you have a spring cleaning checklist, your home needs an autumn maintenance checklist. Here in the Twin Cities, these key steps can be the difference between a high energy bill with unwanted repairs and a warm, cozy winter season.

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