Everything You Need to Know About Soffit and Fascia

Everything You Need to Know About Soffit and Fascia

When you’re in the process of updating your home, there are plenty of important considerations to make from your roof and gutters to siding and windows. One aspect of home exterior maintenance that is often overlooked is a home’s soffit and fascia. Many homeowners are unfamiliar with the terminology and the purpose of these important components. But updating your soffit and fascia can make a surprising difference in the appearance of your home.

One of the aspects of our job we love at Budget Exteriors in Minneapolis is helping Twin Cities homeowners understand more about their homes. In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about your home’s soffit and fascia and talk about the important role these components play in your home’s exterior.

The Importance of Soffit

To get a view of your home’s soffit, stand under the edge of the overhanging eaves on your home’s roof and look up. The material protecting the underside of your roof is what is known as soffit. Other areas on your home with similar material may also be referred to as soffit if they perform a similar function and are made from the same materials.

Soffit plays a key role in protecting the inside of your home where your roof overhangs lie, keeping mold, mildew, and moisture out of your rafters. It’s also an important aesthetic component that helps create a cohesive look in combination with your roof, window trim, and siding. When carefully chosen, your soffit can add to the charm and character of your home.

How Fascia is Different from Soffit

Similar to soffit, fascia helps to create a finished appearance in areas not covered by siding or roofing on your home’s exterior. Fascia is the name for the board or material at the outer edge of the roofline and is where the gutter system is located.

Fascia material connects with the soffit and helps to protect the inside of the home in conjunction with it. Both soffit and fascia are equally important when it comes to keeping moisture and the elements out of your home.

Common problems with soffit and fascia:

1.    Pest Infestations

One of the more common problems associated with soffit is that animals will often come to nest in the eaves, causing all manner of destruction and even getting into the attic where they wreak further havoc. Squirrels in particular are known to nest in the eaves, chewing their way through the soffit to get in.

Once they get in, the damage they cause can be costly, and getting rid of them once they have nested can require professional wildlife experts’ assistance. Any point of vulnerability in your soffit or fascia is an open invitation to squirrels and other animals, which is why it’s so important to have your soffit repaired right away once any level of damage occurs.

2.    Rotting Wood

When you have wood siding, every crack is a place where moisture can get into the wood. Chipped and missing paint are also problems as these leave the wood underneath exposed to the elements. After moisture begins to seep into the wood, it becomes vulnerable to rotting and may even begin to sag or fall. Rotting and damaged wood is more than unsightly – it also creates a vulnerability in your siding, exposing your home to mold, energy loss, and moisture damage.

3.    Attic Ventilation Issues

Attic ventilation is essential to regulating the temperature inside a home and keeping moisture out. Once moisture gets into your home, mold and mildew can begin to proliferate, leading to structural damage for your home and health problems for your family.

Poor attic ventilation can also lead to ice dam formation, which can, in turn, lead to serious roof damage over time. If your attic has ventilation issues, talk to your siding contractor about improving your soffit ventilation.

4.    Gutter Damage

Leaky and damaged gutters are absolutely catastrophic for your soffit and fascia. Since the edge of the roof holds up your siding, any deterioration of the soffit due to gutter leaks can quickly become a cumulative problem. The wood panels will eventually begin to deteriorate and warp if the gutters and siding are left unrepaired.

Call Our Twin Cities Exterior Siding Contractors

Is your soffit beginning to crack or sag? At Budget Exteriors, our Twin Cities siding contractors can help you assess the condition of your siding, fascia, and soffit and decide if it needs to be replaced. In addition to fascia, soffit, and vinyl siding, we also perform a wide range of home exterior remodeling services including window replacement services, door replacement, and more.

To discuss new soffit, fascia, or siding installation and look at options for your budget and needs, call and speak to a member of our team at 952.887.1613. Or contact us online to get a free quote on your exterior remodeling project today.

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