Designing Your Siding With Board & Batten

Designing Your Siding With Board & Batten

Now that spring is finally here, it’s time to make much-needed updates to your home. If you’re thinking of updating your siding, we offer a number of siding solutions at Budget Exteriors in Minnesota.

One of the most timeless and attractive siding looks for modern and older homes is board and batten. Although board and batten was traditionally wood, innovations in siding materials mean you can now get the look of traditional board and batten with the power of vinyl siding. 

If you’re looking for a way to add curb appeal while adding value to your home, here’s why you should consider board and batten details.

Why Choose a Board & Batten Design for Siding?

When you think of a traditional farmhouse look, board and batten is often part of the image that comes to mind. The board and batten siding look is designed using wide boards with narrow strips known as battens placed over their joints. This gives the siding a vintage appeal that dates back centuries.

Board and batten was originally used during the American colonial period for purely functional reasons. To prevent cold air from seeping into a home, battens were placed over the cracks to seal the interior of the home, protecting it from the elements.

With the recent return of the modern farmhouse look as a design trend, board and batten has seen a resurgence in popularity. In fact, according to Zillow, modern farmhouse designs are selling at higher market prices than other homes of comparable value.

Due to its design versatility, board and batten gives a home’s exterior the look of dimensionality and texture that transforms its curb appeal.

Traditional Wood vs. Vinyl Board & Batten Siding

If you’ve considered board and batten in the past but want a more durable siding material than wood siding, vinyl siding installation with the look of board and batten is available. Unlike wood siding, vinyl does not require repainting and won’t rot, warp, or deteriorate the way that wood does.

Here are a few more reasons to consider board and batten vinyl siding installation:

  • Blend old and new for a modern look that stands out.

  • Works well when paired with lap siding as a point of contrast.

  • Fits well in most neighborhoods without standing out.

  • It’s a low-maintenance solution.

Board & Batten Design Ideas

Once you’ve decided on a board and batten design for your siding project, you can make many more customizations to enhance the look.

Here are a few ideas for using board and batten siding to enhance your home’s exterior.

Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic

The modern farmhouse style consistently uses board and batten siding as a key component of renovated exterior layouts. A neutral palette helps to blend the new and old in this trendy design style.

Using a neutral shade like greige or white paired with crisp black or white trim is ideal for combining a farmhouse feel with clean lines.

Exterior Accent Wall

New home construction designers often use board and batten as an embellishment to just the upper half of a home’s exterior, which enhances curb appeal and adds artistic value.

Or try vertical alignment on the top quarter and a horizontal layout on the bottom.

Farmhouse Revival & Mid-Century Modern

Farmhouse Revival style homes and some mid-century modern homes commonly also utilize the board and batten method as the primary face style. It can also be simply an accent wall using darker gray and olive green tones.

The dimensional texture created with board and batten siding creates appealing light and shadow effects.

Cabin-Like Feel

Adding a warm olive green or brown board and batten conveys a woodsy vibe. Different shades of warm greens have recently become trendy as exterior colors too.

Coastal Style

Looking for something fresh and calming? A mid-tone gray or light blue-gray board and batten could easily convey that coastal feel.

Popular Board & Batten Color Combinations

  • White board and batten, black door and window trim, and a stained wood porch

  • Gray-brown board and batten, white door or window trim, and stained wood accents

  • Black board and batten paired with stone accents.

  • Light gray siding with white trim and rustic wood accents.

  • A combination of dark board and batten siding, light gray vinyl shake siding, white trim, and black exterior doors

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