What is a Window Well?

Let's dig into the essentials of window wells, exploring their definition, purpose, requirements, common problems, and solutions. We cover everything from their role in basement protection and natural light enhancement to addressing common issues like inadequate drainage and the need for emergency egress.

What are Standard Window Sizes?

Examine the intricacies of standard window sizes, like double-hung, sliding, casement, picture, and bay windows. Learn how to read window sizes, the importance of choosing the right dimensions for your space, and how Budget Exteriors can assist in selecting and installing the perfect windows for your home.

What Is a Transom Window?

Discover the elegant world of transom windows, their diverse shapes, and their multifunctional benefits. Whether looking to enhance natural light, improve ventilation, or add architectural interest, transom windows offer versatile solutions. Learn how Budget Exteriors can help integrate these architectural gems into your home design.

Pros & Cons of Double Hung Windows

Explore the pros and cons of double hung windows, like their versatility, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance, alongside considerations such as air leakage and security. Budget Exteriors emerges as your trusted partner in the Twin Cities, offering expert installation and quality windows that address these concerns, ensuring your home benefits from both the aesthetic and functional advantages of double hung windows.

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