How Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter?
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How Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter?

These days, it’s more important than ever before to find ways to reduce our impact on the planet. And one of the best ways to accomplish that goal is by adopting clean energy solutions like adding solar panels to your home.

If you’ve thought about having solar panels installed, you may have wondered how well they perform in Minnesota during the winter months when the days are much shorter. In this blog post from Budget Exteriors in Minnesota, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about solar panel performance during the winter months. To learn more about solar panel installation, give us a call.

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels work by converting sunlight into direct current electricity that converts into alternating current for use in your home. When light particles, also known as photons, come into contact with the solar panels, the panels pull electrons from the atoms. This creates a direct current electricity flow.

Solar panels are made up of several photovoltaic cells that are typically made from silicon. Each slice of the cell has a positive or negative charge, creating an electric field. As the photons encounter the silicon layers, this electric field moves the electron into other components where it gets converted into AC power we use in our homes.

Do Solar Panels Require Heat?

It’s a common misconception that solar panels need warm weather to create energy. In reality, all they need is plenty of sunshine. In fact, cold, sunny days can help solar panels perform even better. That means as long as the sun is shining, your solar panels will continue to create and collect energy.

However, winter means shorter days and plenty of overcast, snowy weather, all of which can add up to less sunlight. This is especially true in Minnesota, where we get more than our fair share of snow and winter precipitation. The good news is that a solar cell doesn’t require direct sunlight to work. As long as the cloud cover isn’t too heavy, they should work just fine.

Does Snow Affect Solar Panels?

The good news is that solar panels are built with all types of weather in mind including winter snow. They’re also tested thoroughly to make sure they can stand up to harsh winter cold and plenty of weight from snow. Finally, solar panels are installed with a tilt so snow will slide right off of them easily.

Solar panels are also built to stand up to all types of conditions, including:

●        Ice

●        Debris

●        Sub-freezing temperatures

Schedule Your Solar Panel Installation

If your new year’s resolutions include reducing your family’s environmental footprint, call Budget Exteriors to discuss options for your home. To connect with our team, give us a call at 952.887.1613 or contact us on the web to schedule your solar panel installation today.

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