Signs Your Home Needs New Insulation
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Signs Your Home Needs New Insulation

Your home’s insulation plays an important role in the overall comfort and wellbeing of your home. From keeping rooms remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer, to sufficiently reducing noise pollution from the outside world, proper insulation is critical for any homeowner. After time, however, insulation can become less effective. As a homeowner, you should be aware of the signs your home’s insulation is no longer performing as it should. When you notice these signs, you should contact a professional home improvement company, such as Budget Exteriors, to replace your insulation.

Higher Energy Bills | Perhaps one of the most common indicators of failing insulation, high energy bills indicate your HVAC system is needing to work harder to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you notice your monthly energy bills have seemed to skyrocket in the last few months, contact Budget Exteriors. We can help you inspect your insulation and install any high-quality insulation where it’s necessary.

Icicle Formation | Although icicles are a common issue for Minnesotan homes, they can also be an indicator that the home’s insulation is failing. At Budget Exteriors, we can help you feel confident in your attic’s insulation to ensure you don’t have to deal with excess ice in the winter. Additionally, our team of contractors install Owens Corning ProCat™ insulation for the best results.

Faulty Attic Insulation | Because heat rises, a lot of warm air in the winter can escape through the attic. Inspect your attic and make sure it is properly insulated. If you see gaps and spaces between your attic’s insulation, call Budget Exteriors as soon as you can. We can replace your attic’s old, worn down insulation with high-quality Owens Corning ProCat insulation.

Pests | If your home has recently experienced an infestation of pests such as mice, insects, and squirrels, you should take a moment to inspect your home’s insulation. Pests often nest in insulation and leave behind gaps after they’re gone. Smaller pests, such as mice, tend to chew threw home exteriors and insulation. Not only do these tiny tears and holes allow air to escape out of your home, it can also provide an optimal opening for pests to return in the future. Our team of professional contractors at Budget Exteriors can efficiently replace your home’s damaged insulation with a high-quality product.

Noticeable Drafts | Minnesota winters are typically equipped with extremely low temperatures and high winds. Your home should serve as a warm and comfortable escape from the harsh winter conditions, which is why you should note when there are drafts in your home. A drafty home can be an indicator that the insulation is worn down. When your insulation is worn down, your heating system must also work harder which results in higher energy bills. When you notice your home has a noticeable draft, contact a reputable team of contractors to replace your home’s insulation.

Excessive Noise Pollution | At Budget Exteriors, we install insulation capable of assisting your home in canceling out noise from the outside world. If you’ve noticed outside noises frequently disrupting the peace and quiet of your home’s indoors, consider replacing your home’s insulation with a high-quality product.

As a homeowner, you should keep an eye out for the signs indicating your home requires new insulation. At Budget Exteriors, we are happy to assist you with our insulation installation services. We use high-quality products from leading brands to ensure you notice a difference in your home. There are several noteworthy benefits to having new insulation installed in your home.

Protects the Foundation | New insulation can save your home from a number of expensive damages. Poor insulation often allows natural forces to ruin the exterior and interior of your home. From ice dams forming on your home’s gutters to water vapor that can wear down your walls, properly insulating your home protects the foundation from several issues.

Better Air Quality | Proper insulation promotes beneficial air ventilation throughout the home. Dependable insulation prevents bothersome allergens, and particles such as dust, dirt, and pollen from entering the home. At Budget Exteriors, we can help you get the quality attic insulation you need to keep your home’s air safe and clean.

Save Money on Heating and Cooling Bills | Because proper insulation prevents air leaks from occurring, you can save money each month with lower energy bills. When insulation is worn down and weak, air leaks cause your HVAC system to work harder which results in higher bills each month. Save money with the installation of new, dependable insulation.

Insulation is an extremely important component of any home. Proper insulation will not only save you money, but it will also keep your home comfortable and secure. For professional insulation installation services, contact Budget Exteriors today.

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