Why You Should Invest in Garage Door Insulation
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Why You Should Invest in Garage Door Insulation

For Minnesota homeowners, having a well-insulated garage is a lifesaver during the winter months. As that cold winter chill comes around each year, it’s much better to climb into a car that’s been kept in a warm garage than outside in the elements. And the same is true for summer weather when the shade of a garage is a respite from the sun’s heat.

If you’re looking for a simple way to add value and comfort to your home, an insulated garage door is one of the best investments you can make. In this post from Budget Exteriors in Minnesota, we’re breaking down all of the reasons you should consider a garage door investment.

Insulation for Your Garage

How well does your garage door insulate your garage? Does the temperature inside your garage tend to remain comfortable even when the weather outside is dramatic? If the answer is no, it may be worthwhile to consider installing a new garage door or insulating your current garage door. While a new garage door can be a sizable investment, most homeowners find insulating their existing doors to be both affordable and cost-effective.

1.    Your car will perform better and last longer.

Spending time in sub-freezing temperatures can be rough on your ride. Freezing temperatures can cause your engine oil to thicken or prevent oil from circulating. Cold can also be bad for car batter performance. Cold also reduces the air pressure in your tires. However, keeping your vehicle safely tucked away inside a well-insulated garage will protect its components and keep your engine running smoother longer.

2.    Your garage door will be more durable.

Garage doors are one of the most used components of just about any home, and we can put them through a lot. If you use your garage regularly or you’ve got kids in your home, this is even more true. That’s why anything you can do to add to the durability of your garage door is beneficial.

While newer garage doors tend to be fairly durable, anything that’s older than a couple of decades can be pretty lightweight. When you factor in the chaos of a busy family from bicycles to baseballs, these older garage doors can take a real beating as the years go by. However, a well-insulated garage door has extra layers of protection that help it better withstand day-to-day dents, dings, and impacts, which means your garage door will look better longer.

3.    The rest of your home will be more efficient.

You may not realize it, but your garage can actually help to insulate the rest of your home. It can also make your home more drafty, especially if you spend much time going in and out of your garage door. Investing in an insulation update may actually help to reduce your energy costs.

4.    Insulation keeps moisture out of your garage.

Insulation keeps both air and moisture outside of your home. When a garage isn’t insulated, moisture can get in easily, leaving anything stored in your garage or attic vulnerable to moisture, rust, and mold damage. Adding that extra layer of insulation can go a long way when it comes to protecting your belongings.

5.    Your garage will be more comfortable.

If you spend much time in your garage, especially if you’re handy with tools, a poorly insulated garage door can make it unbearable during extreme temperatures. However, investing in garage door insulation may be just the trick to getting a comfortable spot to work on all of your home improvement projects. On average, an insulated garage door can translate to a 10-degree or 15-degree improvement inside a garage even when the temperature outside is below freezing!

6.    Your garage will be more usable.

Are you short on space? A climate-controlled garage is a useful garage. With a climate-controlled garage, you can transform your space into a private spot for your exercise bike or work on your favorite hobby.

7.    Your mornings will be better.

Mornings can be brutal when the temperatures outside is extreme. In the summer months, it means you have to deal with hot seats and even hotter door handles and seat belts. In the winter, it means waiting for your ride to thaw out. And even if parking in your garage saves you the uncomfortable walk to your car, it can still be pretty miserable just dashing through your garage. But when your garage door is well-insulated, your entire garage is more temperate, which means your car will be less miserable on the ride to work. The only thing you have to worry about is which playlist to listen to.  

Call Our Minnesota Retrofoam Insulation Contractors

At Budget Exteriors in Minnesota, we recommend RetroFoam insulation. RetroFoam is used to fill cavities completely, making them airtight and watertight.

If you’re looking for an affordable home investment with an excellent ROI, call Budget Exteriors to schedule your garage door insulation upgrade today! To connect with our insulation contractors, give us a call at 952.887.1613 or contact us online.

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