Siding Repairs or Replacement: How to Tell Which You Need
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Siding Repairs or Replacement: How to Tell Which You Need

Your home’s siding is essential to its curb appeal. If your siding is in poor condition or in need of repairs, it can significantly detract from the overall look of your home. On the other hand, keeping up with your siding can help you save money over time while it adds to your home’s value.

In this post from the exterior remodeling pros at Budget Exteriors, we’re breaking down some signs your siding needs to be repaired or replaced. Give us a call to schedule your siding maintenance services today!

Common Siding Problems

It goes without saying that siding in poor shape detracts from the look of a home. But ugly sighting is not just unattractive. It also represents a liability for homeowners, putting your entire home and family at risk. Damaged siding is a point of vulnerability to air and moisture infiltration.

These are some of the most common siding problems for Minnesota homeowners:

●        UV fading

●        Cracks

●        Warping

●        Swelling

●        Peeling

●        Termites and other pests

●        Mold proliferation

When Siding Needs to Be Replaced

If damage to your siding is significant, replacement is the best option. Consider replacing your aging wood siding with a more durable material such as vinyl siding.

Look for these signs that your siding should be replaced:

1.    Wall Damage Inside Your Home

If your interior walls have moisture damage, this could be due to serious siding issues and may even indicate underlying structural problems.

2.    Obvious Moisture Damage

Wood siding in particular is prone to moisture damage including mold, rot, swelling, and warping.

3.    Outdated Siding

If you’re thinking of listing your home in the next few years or you’d like to increase your curb appeal, consider siding replacement.

4.    Widespread Problems

Significant widespread siding damage including cracking, peeling, and insect damage indicates your siding is due for replacement.

Siding Repairs

If your siding problems are minor, you may be able to get by with simple siding repairs. Staying on top of these minor issues can help to prevent serious issues down the road. Be sure to schedule regular siding maintenance as part of your ongoing home maintenance.

Contact Our Twin Cities Siding Contractors

Is your siding outdated or in need of repair? Contact our exterior siding contractors at Budget Exteriors today at 952.887.1613 or connect with us online to get your siding repair quote today. You’ll love what our high-performance siding can do for your home’s comfort and for your return on investment! Give us a call today.

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