Benefits of Vinyl Siding and Window and Door Wraps
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Benefits of Vinyl Siding and Window and Door Wraps

At Budget Exteriors, we provide high-quality installation services for vinyl siding on homes. Vinyl siding is a notoriously popular option for homeowners as it is durable and visually beautiful—and as a door and window wrap option, it simply can’t be beat. While there are a number of options for siding and door wraps, there are several benefits of choosing vinyl. Below you’ll learn about just a few, starting with siding and progressing to window and door wraps.

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Vinyl siding is a popular selection among homeowners because of its reliability. Vinyl siding can withstand all types of weather conditions from high temperatures to extremely cold temperatures. Vinyl can also withstand harsh Minnesota’s winter winds. Unlike wood siding, vinyl won’t rot or split from exposure to water. Vinyl siding also lasts longer than many other siding options.

Low Maintenance

Aside from simply rinsing your siding once a year with water and cleaning solution or quickly power washing off built-up dirt and mud, vinyl siding is generally low maintenance. You will not need to routinely stain or paint your siding as it is extremely durable and reliable.

Energy Efficient

Because of vinyl siding’s durability, it serves as an extremely energy-efficient option for your home’s exterior. Insulated vinyl siding can help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer by preventing air leaks from occurring. This can help you cut down on energy bills each month and save money.

Aesthetically Beautiful

Many homeowners prefer vinyl siding because of the curb appeal it provides. Because vinyl siding doesn’t chip, rot, or peel, it retains its aesthetic value extremely well. Additionally, because of its durability, vinyl siding can also help increase your home’s market value. Whether you’re hoping to turn heads in your neighborhood or you’re wanting to sell your home, installing vinyl siding can help enhance your home’s value and appearance.

Variety of Colors and Textures

If you’re intrigued by the appearance of wood siding but long for the durability of vinyl siding, put your worries aside. Vinyl siding comes in a large variety of colors and textures. Vinyl siding can resemble a number of other materials including wood, so you don’t have to compromise your aesthetic values for durability. With vinyl siding, you can have the appearance and colors you want while still being able to receive the other benefits of vinyl siding.


Though siding as a whole has a high ROI—averaging 75.6%, according to Remodeling’s 2019 Cost VS Value Report—this doesn’t change the fact that it can be an expensive renovation. It’s all-encompassing and completely changes the look of your house, after all!

We at Budget Exteriors are proud to offer affordable siding installation services, making us a great choice for homeowners who are concerned about money; couple that with the extreme affordability of vinyl siding and such large-scale renovations become more financially accessible than ever. You get great looks, great energy efficiency, great strength, and low maintenance, all at a wallet-friendly price. What’s not to love?


This Old House states that “vinyl has captured 32 percent of the U.S. siding market for new homes, with no end in sight to its growing popularity.” What this means: vinyl siding is in style, and it’s unlikely to fade from favor anytime soon. If you’re the sort of homeowner who likes to keep up with current trends, this type of siding might very well be for you.

This trendiness might also bode well for homeowners who are looking to sell. Certain exterior renovations will grow and shrink in popularity, but vinyl isn’t looking to fade away anytime soon. Upgrading to this siding type could mean sustained value in your home’s exterior. Given that it also is popular right now, it’s also an awesome choice for those looking to take advantage of the hot real estate market.

Vinyl Window and Door Wraps Offer Advanced Protection

Vinyl isn’t just useful in siding; it’s also a great material for protecting your windows and doors, too!

Window wraps provide your home with another layer of protection. Installing window wraps on your home prevents outside forces such as wind and snow from entering your home. Door wraps can also protect your door from enduring a number of damaging forces such as strong winds, everyday use, and unexpected accidents.

Window and door wraps provide your home with an extra layer of security and protection. They can also enhance your home’s curb appeal and aesthetic value. At Budget Exteriors, we can securely install window and door wraps on your home. Contact us today to learn more about our window and door wrap installation services.

Vinyl Window and Door Wraps Add Curb Appeal

Window wraps provide an additional touch of elegance to any home. Because window wraps come in a variety of colors and textures, they can help enhance the overall curb appeal of your home. Additionally, door wraps can also provide your home with a touch of aesthetic advancement. Door wraps are an excellent addition to your home if your door has experienced excessive wear and tear. Door wraps can help remove signs of damage with a clean appearance.

Vinyl WIndow and Door Wraps Bump up Your Energy Efficiency

Installing window wraps helps prevent air leaks from occurring, which can help you save money with lower energy bills every month. Additionally, window wraps can also prevent water leaks from occurring, which can save your home from water damage. Similarly, door wraps can also help prevent air leaks from occurring.

What we’ve touched on here only scratches the surface of all the benefits vinyl wraps can bring to your home. For a more in-depth look at what an awesome home renovation they are, check out our blog on the subject.

Budget Exteriors: Vinyl Siding and Wrap Experts

From your home’s exterior siding to additional window and door wraps, our team of professional contractors at Budget Exteriors can help your home get the vinyl protection it needs. We provide free estimates so you can get the service you need for the price you expect.

For precise and secure vinyl siding installation services, reach our Bloomington office today at 952-887-1613.

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