How Does Warm Weather Affect Siding?
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How Does Warm Weather Affect Siding?

With summer on the horizon and warm days ahead, Minnesota residents are already starting to look ahead to road trips and long, sunny days on our many beautiful lakes. But as the mercury starts to rise, now is a perfect time to start planning for home maintenance that helps your home better handle the summer heat. Replacing your windows with low-E solutions and updating your insulation are two important steps you can take to get your home ready for the sun’s powerful UV rays. But have you ever wondered how all of that solar heat affects your siding?

In this post from our vinyl siding installers at Budget Exteriors, we’re breaking down the impact of summer and warm weather on your siding. Give us a call to discuss siding solutions for your Minnesota home today!

Summer Weather and Solar Rays

One of the beautiful things about living in the seven-county metro area is that we get to enjoy all four seasons. And for a place that can get hit hard with snow and ice during the winter, we certainly still get our share of summer heat. As professional vinyl siding installers, we often encounter questions about how the sun affects vinyl siding.

These are a few of the common questions we are asked most often at Budget Exteriors:

●      Does summer humidity damage vinyl siding?

While the humidity can warp wood and some types of engineered wood siding, vinyl is resistant to humidity damage, making it one of the best siding choices for Minnesota homes.

●      Will the sun melt or warp my vinyl siding?

You may have heard of or seen vinyl siding that warps in certain places. Today’s vinyl siding solutions are better manufactured than the siding installed in homes a few decades ago and are far less susceptible to solar damage. The temperature point for solar vinyl siding damage is extremely high and only occurs in rare cases where window reflectivity in extremely close proximity refracts solar heat. However, with the increase in low-E window installation, this is becoming far less common.

●      Will dark siding make my home hotter?

While it is true that dark colors absorb heat, with the insulation qualities of today’s vinyl siding, dark siding should not be a problem unless your house is woefully under-insulated.

Call Our Minnesota Vinyl Siding Installers

Are you thinking of replacing your siding with quality vinyl siding from Budget Exteriors? Take advantage of the warm weather and call our vinyl siding installers at 952.887.1613 or contact us online for a completely free quote. You’ll love what vinyl siding can do for your home!

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