How RetroFoam is a Different Kind of Insulation
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How RetroFoam is a Different Kind of Insulation

How soundproof is your home? Can you hear the sound of the highway or a nearby train while you’re trying to sleep at night? If so, your walls may be poorly insulated. Unfortunately, undesirable noise levels often accompany a set of extra problems including outsized energy costs and uncomfortable home temperatures. Although walls once presented a unique insulation problem, advances in spray foam insulation have transformed the home exterior remodeling industry.

At Budget Exteriors in Minnesota, we partner with RetroFoam to help homeowners solve their insulation problems and enjoy comfortable, quiet homes. Here’s what you need to know about RetroFoam.

The Importance of Insulation

High-performance insulation is essential to making a home more comfortable and pleasant year-round. Insulation is installed to reduce air infiltration and moisture infiltration inside a home. However, traditional insulation is prone to breaking down over time as walls settle. As this shifting occurs, air and water can get into a home.

Moisture and dust become trapped and mold can begin to proliferate, causing potential health problems and damage to your home’s walls and structure. Drafts can also occur, causing your home to become less comfortable while your heating system struggles to keep up. Well-insulated walls, however, can help to reduce your energy costs and even reduce maintenance costs on your HVAC system.

Introducing RetroFoam

RetroFoam is a type of spray foam wall insulation that’s been carefully engineered to maintain your home’s comfort by reducing the transfer of energy through your walls. This plastic foam contains millions of tiny, still air bubbles that minimize air circulation inside the wall, preventing heat loss and airflow. Unlike traditional insulation, RetroFoam doesn't break down over time or shift with your home. Any existing home can be insulated with RetroFoam.

We’ve written up a brief FAQ on Retrofoam in our blog, but here are the main benefits:

No-Mess Installation

Retrofoam is unique in that it’s injected into the space that needs insulation, not blown in or placed manually. This means that your insulation company won’t need to tear down pre-existing walls or make a huge mess while installing it. It’s simple and stress-free, making it a great choice for the homeowner who doesn’t have the time for more traditional methods. As a bonus, because of its unique installation method, any home is a candidate for Retrofoam.

Not only is the installation simple, but it’s also a process that’s easily changeable depending on the circumstances. For instance, it can be installed from indoors or out, depending on where the homeowner is comfortable having the crew.

Cut Down on Outside Sound

While it’s not capable of completely soundproofing your home, Retrofoam can cut down on the amount of outside sound that creeps indoors, be it from traffic or noisy neighbors. In fact, according to the product’s official website, installation “can help reduce sound transmission up to 80 percent in some cases.”

If you want to make the most out of this capability, though—and make the most out of your new insulation—avoid only insulating one problematic area. Retrofoam states that “It’s always important to approach your home as an entire system. If you only insulate one wall, you probably won’t see the results you’re hoping for.”

Premiere Pest Control Capabilities

Rest assured that there is nothing inhumane about Retrofoam that keeps pests out—but it does do a very good job of it! Because it’s a relatively solid material aside from those tiny air bubbles we mentioned earlier, it renders itself inherently unattractive as a nesting material to a variety of pests. Traditional insulation, on the other hand, is soft and fluffy, making it exactly otherwise. If you’ve historically had issues with animals moving in, consider the help of an experienced exterior contractor, then Retrofoam to prevent it from happening again!

Additional Benefits of Retrofoam:

●        Reduces electrical outlet drafts

●        Reduces drafts around windows

●        Stabilizes interior wall temperature for better home comfort

●        Has a class one fire rating

●        Improves indoor air quality by reducing mildew and mold

●        Perfect for wall cavities

Contact Our Minnesota Spray Foam Insulation Contractors for Top-Quality Retrofoam and More

RetroFoam is a safe way to make the air quality and noise levels in your home more comfortable. We can insulate your walls through your home’s drywall or from the exterior through cladding. The entire project can be completed quickly so the disruption to your life is minimized.

To connect with our Budget Exteriors insulation installers, give us a call at 952-887-1613 or contact us online to get a free home insulation quote today!

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