Signs Your Insulation Needs to Be Updated
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Signs Your Insulation Needs to Be Updated

After a long summer of fun in the sun, it’s hard to believe that winter is just around the corner once more. But before we know it, we’ll all be breaking out our sweaters, coats, and scarves. The Twin Cities have some of the coldest winter months of any major metropolitan area in the United States, so we’re up to the challenge year after year.

But if your home’s insulation isn’t, winter can have you steering clear of windows and doors and bundling up inside your own home. It can also add up on your home’s monthly energy bills and push your HVAC system to work harder than it should. In this post from Budget Exteriors, we’ll offer advice on making sure your insulation is up to the challenge.

The Importance of Insulation

Insulation helps to create a thermal envelope around your home, keeping it cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months. The components that make up a home’s thermal envelope are its doors, windows, siding, insulation, and roof. Together, these materials create a protective bubble that restricts the movement of heat through the home’s exterior and interior. Ideally, heat stays where it’s at, which means during the summer, it stays outside and during the winter, it stays in your home. When the thermal envelope isn’t sealed, your home can be less comfortable and use far more energy than it would otherwise to maintain its internal temperature.

Look out for these signs your insulation needs improvement:

1.   Cold Rooms and Drafts

If dealing with drafts is a way of life in your home, this could be a sign that your home is poorly insulated. RetroFoam insulation can be injected into your walls, filling the cavities that create air leaks and cause your home to be drafty. This is also a good solution for inconsistent temperatures. If your bedroom is always a sauna but your living room is frigid, talk to us about foam insulation.

2.   Frozen Pipes

A frozen pipe can mess up your whole week and end up costing you tremendously, especially if it bursts. With better insulation in your walls, you’ll reduce the chance of having to deal with this headache that can cost you thousands in repairs.

3.   Ice Dams and Icicles

Although icicles can be beautiful, they can also indicate that your attic is inadequately insulated. A poorly insulated attic allows heat to rise through your roof, causing snow to melt and form ice dams that can damage your roof.

Is your insulation ready for the coming winter? To find out, connect with our Budget Exteriors insulation installers at 952.887.1613 or contact us online to get a free quote. Give us a call today!

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