Is it Time to Update Your Siding?
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Is it Time to Update Your Siding?

What condition is your home’s siding in? Your siding is perhaps the most visible element of your home’s exterior. Renovating your siding can completely change the look of your home, adding to its curb appeal while increasing its value. It can also help to create the protective thermal layer that regulates the temperature inside your home throughout the year. In this blog post from Budget Exteriors, we’ve put together a list of signs your siding is ready to be updated. Give us a call to learn about vinyl siding options for your home.

1.   Outdated Color or Style

If your siding is in good condition but outdated, it can lower the value of your home, making it hard to sell. Even if you don’t plan to list your home anytime soon, changing your siding can give your home a whole new appearance.

2.   Faded Siding

Over time, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can have a bleaching effect on colors and dyes, causing materials like paint and siding to become faded. Today’s modern vinyl siding is more resistant to UV rays than the siding of the past, which means you can expect it to remain vibrant for many years.

3.   Add-ons

If you’ve recently added on to your home, the new siding may not match your old siding. The best way to get beautiful siding that looks consistent is to replace all of your home’s siding when you’re making updates.

4.   Damaged Siding

Siding damage can manifest in a number of ways. Bubbling, cracking, splitting, warping and blistering are some of the most common types of siding damage and are especially common in wood siding. Another common form of siding damage is denting due to hailstorms.

5.   Outsized Energy Costs

If you’re paying more than you expected to on your monthly energy costs, especially during the warm summer months and the coldest winter months, new siding may help. Updating your siding and insulation helps to reduce air infiltration into your home, keeping your home more comfortable throughout the year.

Contact Our Twin Cities Siding Contractors

If you’re tired of dealing with siding maintenance or painting your siding every few years, quality vinyl siding is the answer you’ve been looking for. Fall is an ideal time to replace your siding and take advantage of winter energy savings.

To learn more about siding installation solutions for your Twin Cities home, contact our Budget Exteriors siding installers at 952.887.1613. Or contact us online and get your free siding or insulation quote.

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