How to Recognize and Avoid Home Repair Scams
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How to Recognize and Avoid Home Repair Scams

When it comes to home improvement, hiring a reputable team of contractors is critical. However, in times of more serious issues, such as mold growth and foundation deterioration, you may feel desperate to schedule a repair service with the next available contractor. This can be risky, as there are people who attempt to scam homeowners out of their money in times of desperation.

Although you may feel inclined to skip over the research and hire the first person who comes knocking on your door, avoid doing this. There are several steps you should take to ensure you’re avoiding scammers and hiring a high-quality contracting company, such as Budget Exteriors.

●        Research Reputable Contracting Companies

Although you may feel desperate to repair the damage that’s on your home as soon as possible, you should still take the time to do your research for reputable contracting companies. You won’t find any information on fake contractors or scammers online. When you do your research, you should be able to find plenty of information on reliable contracting companies. At Budget Exteriors, we clearly list all of our services and abilities online for potential customers to look through. We also provide plenty of contact information so you can ask us any more questions you may have about our services.

●        Ask About a Contract

A dependable and trustworthy company will provide you with all the information you need in writing. When discussing potential services with a company, make sure you ask them to write up and sign a contract clearly stating the services they will be providing you with clear completion dates and pricing. This will save you from any faulty verbal promises.

●        Clearly Convey Your Expectations

Prior to your contractor starting any repairs, there should be a crystal clear understanding of your expectations. Fake contractors and scammers will try to brush over the details and either poorly repair your home or not repair it at all. To ensure you’re working with a dependable team of contractors, make sure they’re understanding and adhering to all of your requirements.

●        Avoid Paying With Cash

Unreliable contractors will often insist you pay for their services in cash before poorly repairing your home and leaving with your money. To avoid this issue from occurring, try to pay your contractor with a credit card if possible. This can help you cancel and keep track of a transaction in case of any misfortunes.

●        Watch For Unexplained Price Increases

While unexpected increases in price are normal, you should ensure you receive a thorough explanation for any changes in price. Refer back to your contract with your contractor so there are no surprises and disagreements throughout the process.

●        Recognize a Pushy Demeneaor

During scams, you will often feel some sort of pressure to make a decision and purchase the service or product. An honest and reputable contractor understands the seriousness of a remodel or repair and will wait until you’ve made your decision. Don’t give into tight decision deadlines and limited time offers. An honest contractor will provide you with a timeframe and plan that works with your schedule and decision process.

●        Research Their Reviews

A reputable contracting company will have reviews from former customers framing their experience. There should be enough information to get a grasp on the reliability of a particular company. Scam artists will be virtually unheard of on the internet. Additionally, any reviews they do have will be warnings to stay away from their faulty services. At Budget Exteriors, we proudly display our reviews so you can feel confident contacting us for any project you have in mind.

●        Be Wary of Unsolicited Visits

Scam artists will often come knocking on your door after a recent severe storm telling you they want to repair your home. They will also visit you when you haven’t contacted them and tell you they can provide you with quick and affordable renovations. Before you jump on their offers, be sure to ask them for references or tell them you want to take the time to research their status online.

When your home is in need of a repair or update, it is important to find a reputable contracting company you can trust. Even in times of desperation, you should remember to be cautious of potential scam artists knocking on your door.

If you want to work with a trustworthy and experienced company, contact the team at Budget Exteriors today. We will provide thorough communication throughout the entire process so you can feel confident in the services you receive. To learn more about our services or to request a free estimate, call us today at 952-887-1613.

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