The Benefits of Gutter Guards
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The Benefits of Gutter Guards

Gutters are an extremely important component of your home. They protect your home from water damage by properly channeling water from rain and melted snow away from the exterior of your home. When your gutters aren’t working properly, your home and surrounding landscape can be at risk for water damage. Gutter guards are an effective product for ensuring your gutters continue to work properly. At Budget Exteriors, we install high-quality gutter guards for our customers. There are a number of benefits to adding gutter guards to the exterior of your home.

How do Gutter Guards Work?

Prior to having professional contractors install gutter guards on your home, you may wonder what gutter guards do and how they operate. Gutter guards work by providing a protective barrier over the opening of your gutters to prevent leaves, twigs, and other debris from clogging the system. The appearances and types of gutter guards you can have on your system depends on the brand. While some brands opt for a screen design, other brands may have a different appearance and method of keeping debris out of the system. For example, another common design for gutter guards in addition to the mesh screen is a reverse curve design.

How Gutter Guards Can Help

As a homeowner, you must take on quite a few responsibilities in order to keep your home in the best shape possible. Gutter guards can help you better maintain your home, as there are several benefits to having gutter guards installed on your home’s exterior.

●        Easier Maintenance | Clearing your gutters can be a long and messy process. With all the dirt and debris that accumulates in the system, you may find yourself standing on the ladder for hours to ensure every last piece of debris is clear from the system. With gutter guards, cleaning your gutters becomes a much easier and more efficient process. The gutter guards’ designs restrict leaves, twigs, and other debris from getting into the gutters. When you go to clear the collected debris, all you have to do is brush away any accumulated pieces off the top of the guards. This cleaning process is much easier than digging deep into the system.

●        Prevent Gutter Clogging | The main purpose of gutter guards is to prevent leaves, twigs, and other debris from accumulating in the gutters and clogging the system. When debris causes the system to clog, it can result in excess water backing up and further ruining the gutters. The gutter guards provide a protective barrier between the gutter’s interior and the leaves and other debris outside.

●        Reduce Corrosion | When wet leaves collect in your gutters, it can cause the system to rust and corrode. Additionally, other harmful particles such as mold and mildew can begin to grow in the system and along your home. This growth and corrosion can cause your home to wear down and weaken. Adding gutter guards can prevent wet leaves from accumulating in your gutter system and causing corrosion.

●        Prevent Icicle and Ice Dam Formation | Clogged gutters can trap excess water within the system. During the winter, this can result in the water freezing and creating ice dams and icicles. Not only can ice dams contribute to the development of excess water, but it can also weigh down and destroy the foundation of your gutter system. When your gutter system fails due to freezing water, it can result in water damage along the foundation of your home.

●        Prevent Rodent Infestation | When your gutters consistently transport water through the system, rodents have fewer opportunities to nest in the systems. Additionally, when there aren’t any twigs, leaves, and other pieces for rodents to create nests from, they won’t feel encouraged to stay in your gutter system. Additionally, gutter guards can provide a barrier to keep rodents out of the system.

●        Prevent Fires | Summertime is ideal for bonfires and hosting barbeques, however, when your gutters are full of highly flammable dried twigs and leaves, open flames can create a fire hazard around your home. Gutter guards can help maintain the accumulation of flammable leaves and twigs, which can keep your home safer around floating embers.

Installing gutter guards on your home’s gutter system can provide you with a number of benefits. From simplifying maintenance to preventing water damage, gutter guards can protect your home and increase the lifespan of your gutter system. Save yourself from costly repairs and unwanted issues with the installation of gutter guards.

Contact Budget Exteriors For Gutter Guard Installation Services

At Budget Exteriors, we believe in securely and efficiently installing the products of the highest quality for our customers. Our team of professional contractors can install effective and long-long lasting gutter guards on your home’s gutter system. To get started with a free estimate, contact Budget Exteriors today.

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