Why Does My Furnace Keep Shutting Off?
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Why Does My Furnace Keep Shutting Off?

When you find yourself shivering in your home during the cooler months of the year, you may be wondering why your furnace isn’t doing its job keeping you warm. If you find your furnace continually shutting off at the wrong time, it could be indicating that the furnace is broken or malfunctioning. When your heating system breaks, it’s best to call a professional and look into getting a replacement furnace installed. Stay informed about the malfunction and be aware of the several causes that could explain why your furnace is shutting off.

●        Clogged Air Filter When the air filter in your furnace is clogged with dirt and other particles, it can make it difficult for air to flow through properly. When air can’t flow properly, it can cause the furnace to malfunction.

●        Broken or Malfunctioning Thermostat Keeping an eye on your thermostat can sometimes answer “burning” questions you may have about the poor performance of your furnace. If your thermostat requires batteries, ensure that they don’t need to be replaced.

●        Poor Window Insulation If your windows are creating drafty spaces, it can cause your furnace to shut off more frequently. Older windows tend to generate more air leaks than contemporary windows, so you may need to consider replacing the windows in your home. If you’re noticing your heater is shutting off in the winter, double-check your windows to make sure they are closed sufficiently and not due for replacing.

●        Furnace is Too Large When the furnace is oversized for your home, it can cause the furnace to turn off rapidly. This can cause the room to heat up quickly and then cool off quickly, which can make your home uncomfortable. Check that the size of your furnace isn’t disproportionate to your home and in need of replacing.

●        Sensor Rod is Dirty The sensor rod supplies a safety feature for your heater. It detects flames that go up in the furnace. When it doesn’t detect a flame, the sensor rod shuts the gas valve. When the sensor rod is covered in soot and materials, it has a hard time knowing when there is a flame, which restricts its ability to stay on and heat the house.

Having your furnace turn off and on can be a frustrating and uncomfortable situation. Sometimes the cause for a malfunctioning furnace can be as simple as old age and internal broken pieces. Between all of these possibilities, it can be hard to figure out what exactly is causing your furnace to malfunction. Luckily, Budget Exteriors offers furnace replacement services for your faulty HVAC system. We use the best products in the industry to ensure your home is as comfortable as possible.

Advantages of Replacing Your Furnace

A furnace that continuously shuts off and on can make your home uncomfortably cool in the winter months. When your furnace malfunctions, it could mean it’s time for a replacement. Replacing your old furnace with a new can come with a lot of benefits.

First, getting a new furnace installed can improve your home’s energy efficiency. Older furnaces aren’t made with the same technology as newer ones and tend to use more energy when heating a room.

Because of the advanced features and technology that new furnaces come with, replacing your old furnace can also increase the safety in your home. Older furnaces can leak and don’t come with advanced safety features.

Another benefit of replacing your furnace is that you plain and simply don’t have to worry about pesky malfunctions anymore. While your old furnace may have been turning off and on too frequently, a new furnace from a leading brand will serve with little to no setbacks.

At Budget Exteriors, we can help you replace your broken furnace with a high-quality furnace from a trusted brand. We believe you should have the best products in your home to ensure you stay warm and comfortable all winter long.

Don’t suffer in a cold home this winter due to a broken furnace. Call Budget Exteriors for replacement furnace installation services. We offer to start things off with a free estimate. Our team of experts is driven by customer satisfaction and we look forward to helping you update your heating system. With our supply of high-quality HVAC products and professional installation process, we can help you keep your home warm and comfortable this winter.

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