Three Popular Colors for Home Exteriors in 2022
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Three Popular Colors for Home Exteriors in 2022

Houses are works of art as much as they are functional buildings—so why not kick off the summer this year with a brand new exterior color? The right siding contractor can make your home shine like almost no other service can. Plus, according to Modernize, “revamping your home with new siding offers one of the highest return on investment rates among home improvement projects.”

Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you. Below, Budget Exteriors, your preferred Bloomington exterior remodeling services providers, discusses a few trendy colors that pop in 2022.

Deep Greens

It’s not a color you see every day—and that’s exactly what makes green such a standout choice for 2022. Take it a few shades darker and less saturated than your lawn and you’ll be left with an exterior that’s classy and notable.

Because it’s such an unconventional color, it’s a great fit for suburban homes that are looking to differentiate themselves from their neighbors. If you live in an HOA, though, be sure to check with your architectural committee beforehand if you’re considering this color, as it might not go over well if there is a strict neighborhood appearance to maintain.

Muted Blues

Striking the perfect balance between trendy and classy, muted blue is a color that’s rapidly gaining popularity. It’s not too out there, as soft colors that are gray-adjacent such as this tend to go easy on the eyes, but it still stands out in a sea of neutral-colored brown or white homes.

Many HOAs are okay with blue houses, but again, check with your architectural committee before seeking the help of your preferred siding installation contractor.


Like a coal-black car or sophisticated formalwear, near-black-colored homes are becoming all the rage—perhaps surprisingly, as historically lighter-colored homes have seemed to be the go-to.

You should be careful with dark siding, as it will quickly swallow up a smaller home and it can, when used incorrectly, look out-of-place. But on modern-style homes that have the architectural openness required to pull it off, few other siding colors make such a statement.

Not all siding companies will offer a true black color, as it’s a newcomer on the scene, and in an architectural sense it can be difficult for homes to wear it. Rest assured that deep browns and grays, while less visually demanding, can easily give the same standout effect.

Budget Exteriors: Bloomington’s Most Trusted Siding Contractor

Looking for a siding contractor who knows all about the latest trends? Budget Exteriors has just what you’re looking for. Reach our Bloomington office today at 952-887-1613.

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