Where Should Solar Panels Be Installed on a Home?
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Where Should Solar Panels Be Installed on a Home?

Whether you’re looking for ways to reduce your household’s carbon footprint or you’re hoping to save on energy costs in the coming years, solar panels are a good decision. More than just another home improvement, solar panels are an investment in the future.

At Budget Exteriors, one of the most common questions we get about solar panel installation pertains to how solar panels are mounted on a home. In this post, we’re taking a closer look at where solar panels should be installed to help you know exactly what to expect when you invest in new solar panels for your home. To learn more about solar panel installation, give our exterior remodeling contractors a call today.

How Important is the Right Solar Panel Placement?

Because solar panels harness solar radiation, where and how they are installed is essential to solar panel performance. Solar panels should be installed to receive optimum solar intensity for as long as possible each day. The key to ensuring fixed solar panels pick up the most solar energy is ensuring solar energy impacts the solar array from a perpendicular angle.

There are three primary aspects of solar panel installation.

1. Roof or Ground Placement

It’s a common misconception that solar panels have to be placed on a roof. While a roof is an ideal location for solar panel placement, solar panels can also be installed on the ground.

However, for city and suburban living, roof-mounted arrays are much more common. They also have a clean and attractive look that blends in more easily.

2. Solar Panel Direction Orientation

Because the sun shines more brightly from certain directions at certain times of day, direction orientation is another part of the equation when installing solar panels. Solar panel placement in the northern hemisphere should have the array facing true south.

Conversely, arrays will face true north in the southern hemisphere. But we don’t use a compass to determine solar panel direction! That’s because solar panels are installed to face geographic south rather than magnetic south to ensure they’ll receive the most light possible day after day.

3. Solar Panel Angle or Tilt

Just as important as solar panel direction is the tilt of the panels in an array. Like solar panel direction orientation, an array’s tilt angle is determined by the geographic location of a home or building.

Specifically, array tilt is determined by latitude, with solar panels tilting more toward the equator according to their proximity to the poles.

Get Your New Solar Panel Array

Are you ready to take advantage of energy savings with a brand new solar array from Budget Exteriors? There’s never been a better time to reduce your household energy footprint!

Call our solar panel installation experts and get started today at 952.887.1613 or contact us online and get your free quote on new solar panels.

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