2023 Siding Trends to Fall in Love With

2023 Siding Trends to Fall in Love With

Beautiful, high-performance siding will stand up to the elements for many years. But eventually, your siding will need to be replaced. Whether from natural wear and tear or to update the modernity of its look, siding replacement is a big project – and a creative one.

So, if your resolution for 2023 is to transform your home’s exterior, now is an ideal time to plan ahead for vinyl siding installation.

At Budget Exteriors in Minnesota, we partner with Alside to install premium vinyl siding for your Twin Cities home. Give us a call to learn about vinyl siding options and schedule your 2023 siding installation project!

In this post, we’re sharing inspired siding trends we’re looking forward to in the coming year.

Signs Your Home’s Siding Needs an Update

Because siding can be painted and updated, it is first important to understand whether your siding truly needs to be replaced. After all, this is a decision that could save you thousands of dollars in siding costs, or increase the value of your home.

And, if you’re thinking of selling your home, you’ll want to consider a siding update regardless of its state.

Most commonly, there are a few apparent signs your siding could use an update. These include

visible exterior cladding gaps, outsized energy costs, and uneven temperatures inside your home.

If you’ve noticed that your home’s siding is misshapen and no longer flat, connect with the experts with Budget Exteriors to schedule an inspection.

Trendy Siding Updates for 2023

Have you decided that your home needs a siding update? Well, you’ve got another decision to make: the style and color of the new siding.

Especially if you’re looking to sell in the near future, offering up a modern and beautiful look to your home’s siding is the best idea.

Warm & Earthy Tones

Browns, grays, and shades of beige don’t sound exciting or modern. However, with the right color and style, these so-called boring tones become warm and inviting.

The earthiness and versatility of grays and browns are well-suited for a new home in 2023, with these soft neutral shades opening the creative floodgates for any potential buyer.

Moody & Neutral

Elegant colors, such as teal tones and deep shades of green and blue, are a subtle way of waking up your home’s style. Rich shades of green and blue will dominate 2023, both for the interior and exterior of modern homes.

These muted colors keep you warm and cozy, putting a potential buyer in mind of their ideal home.

Bold & Energetic

Have you ever noticed that a bold color can add so much energy wherever it goes? Sometimes, that is as easy as warm pink tones or softly bold blues.

Far from gaudy, when paired with the right exterior decor, your home automatically becomes the most attractive house on the market.

Prodigy Insulated Siding From Alside

Alside’s high-performance Prodigy vinyl siding is manufactured to resist heat flow, delivering a high R-value that helps reduce energy costs and makes homes more comfortable.

Prodigy siding combines clean lines and the look of cedar grain with a stunning color palette for siding, trim, and accessories.

Alside siding is available in a wide range of colors and styles, including a standard color collection and architectural palette. If you are interested in a color or style update for your home’s siding, Budget Exterior has the right options.

Get a Twin Cities Siding Installation Estimate With Budget Exteriors!

Beautiful siding can completely transform your home’s curb appeal and add to its value. At Budget Exteriors, our professional siding contractors offer free siding estimates on vinyl siding installation and excellent customer service throughout the process.

To speak with one of our vinyl siding contractors, call Exterior Budgets at 952-887-1613 or contact us online today.

From our team at Budget Exteriors, we wish you a very happy new year in 2023 – and a beautiful home that you love!

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