Soundproofing a Wall

Soundproofing a Wall

Soundproofing…it’s more than likely the first word that runs through your thoughts when you’re home and you’re unwillingly listening to the dog barking next door, the neighborhood kids playing, or the teenage driver whose car is in desperate need of a new muffler.   Are you doomed?  Of course not!  Enter RetroFoam —  the BEST way to reduce those exterior noises that are creeping into your home!

RetroFoam’s acoustical properties decrease sound by 45-50 dB on average!  You may be wondering, “Why is a 45-50 dB reduction so significant?”  If you’re familiar with the ear protection that is often used in shooting ranges, that protective gear has an average of 28-31 dB loss.  When comparing the two, RetroFoam has a larger dB reduction by an impressive 38%!


  • Reduces airborne noise as much as 75%-80%
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Reduces your energy bill by up to 50%
  • Prevents allergens and moisture from entering your home
  • Hassle-free installation process
  • Quick and easy estimate

What is Sound Deadening?

A common misunderstanding is that insulation can soundproof your home.  To soundproof a structure means to create friction to the passage of sound, which results in blocking the sound entirely.  While insulation in any form cannot soundproof your walls, it CAN deaden the sound.  Here at Budget Exteriors, we take great pride in the fact that our RetroFoam can significantly deaden sound!

Sound deadening reduces the vibration of volume.  In order to fully grasp the benefits of RetroFoam’s sound deadening abilities, we need to understand the basics of how sound travels.

According to GIK Acoustics in Atlanta, Georgia, sound travels in two ways — throughout the air and through structures.   Airborne sound is simple to understand.  Any open air you have in a room is considered sound leaks–for example, outlets, HVAC ducting, electrical switches, etc.

When sound travels through structures, the sound vibrates those structures as well as everything connected to the–walls, floors, ductwork, etc.  Those vibrations duplicate and magnify the sound, resulting in a noisy home.  However, we can help you transform your home into a quiet oasis with RetroFoam’s ability to sound deaden.

RetroFoam: The Sound Solution

RetroFoam is an injection foam that is 60% closed-cell which allows it to absorb an extreme amount of sound energy–reducing your noise level by up to a momentous 75%!

Whether you’re battling outdoor noise, or an annoyingly loud dryer, or a combination of the two, RetroFoam of Southeastern PA is happy to help!

If you are ready to start experiencing the sound deadening benefits of RetroFoam insulation then request a FREE estimate or call us today!

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