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How can I judge the contractor's proposal?
Rely upon the reputation of the company you select and the character and goodwill of the individuals who represent it. Be realistic. The costs of materials and labor change constantly and may fluctuate during the progression of the job. Ask your contractor how he can keep costs in line and stand by his company’s proposal. Budget Exteriors’ upfront pricing ensures that your costs will not change due to fluctuations in labor and materials.
Will we need to hire an interior designer or architect?
If there are structural or engineering considerations, you may need the services of a designer or architect and an engineer. For nearly all exterior remodeling projects, this is not the case. The Design Team at Budget Exteriors can help you find the right style, color, and price for you.
Will remodeling require a building permit?
Probably. It also depends on city or county requirements. Most contractors will take care of this paperwork for you. It is also recommended to bring your home up to the current Uniform Building Code. Not having your home up to code can pose safety issues and can impede selling.
How long will it take to complete the work?
Keep communicating with your contractor as any changes made to your project may require additional time to complete. Require your contractor to keep you posted on any changes or delays which might change the date of completion. Be wary of contractors who quote a price that does not cover all potential delays. Budget Exteriors uses upfront pricing and considers every scenario.
How can we finance the costs of remodeling?
For major remodeling, a second mortgage or line of credit from a bank may have income tax advantages. Ask your contractor for his ideas and assistance. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to manage a realistic payment plan. Many home improvement companies have in-house finance departments that can assist you with your needs.


Will we need to move out during remodeling?
It is extremely rare that you would need to move out during an exterior remodeling project.


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